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  1. Got some nice pics do you think it will ever play again[/img][/img]
  2. I use Gibson brite wires 09/42 on my Epiphone Les Paul and I have no complants. I use them in my live work and for home use. No problems. Allthe best Woko
  3. Hello all I have just got around to starting the job the neck is now of do you recomend loosening the truss rod befor I reglue the neck? Ta Woko
  4. Thanks all I will keepyou informed.
  5. Hello All. I am about to try to repair a sg400 that as been dropped twice and has two cracks going down the neck and one coming up. This is the first time I have tride to repair a guitar neck. So any advice would be welcome. This guitar belongs to the lead guitarist from my sons band who asks my for advice about playing set ups etc. He also thinks I know what I am doing.
  6. Can anybody tell me if it's true and why you can only set the internation when you fit new strings. As I have just fitted a new nut and reset the bridge I can not get it to sound right. (the string are only a couple of weeks old) thanks All
  7. here is a pic of my 1973 CBS strat its not to bad for a seventy strat
  8. I was looking for a second hand microphone for the band and you can some times pick up decent mics up cheap in cash converter type shops. so I have a look around not a mic to be found as I am leaving I spot a Epiphone Les Paul speciel 2 in almost new condition hanging on the wall for £89 . Next to it is a dirty and sad looking Epiphone Les Paul standard (as in my new guitar) for £79 I ask the assistant can I try the guitar she says some of the paint is off the back of that one (buckle rash) thats why its cheaper. They must have just priced it the same as the speciel without knowing. It nee
  9. yes I know having trouble loadin pics will try again later [/img]
  10. Look what I found in a cash converter type shop for £79 what do you think it as taken two days to get it in the condition you see and I am still waiting for a new nut to arrive . With a little work this 1995 Les Paul looks and sounds fantastic![what do you think dose it all look in order
  11. Thanks Twang I looking forward to useing the guitar live soon.
  12. Hello all I just bought myself a semour duncan woody and wondered if I put it staight into the p. a. do I need a D I box or will it be o k on it's own going in the jack input. what do you think
  13. I love my EJ200 it may not be solid but it sound good to me. I tryed the Gibson and the Epiphone in the music store just to hear the difference and yes the Gibson was better but not £2000 better I own a gibson 335 and Les Paul but never take them to pub gigs just in case they get damaged no such worries with my Epip's
  14. I have a ej200 I dont know what the size of the neck is but is very easy to play and the action is fantastic with no buzz at all I love the guitar very much it's as good as any of my other guitars and I have a lot.
  15. Hello all I was wondering if anybody out there as had a Epiphone Explorer as my son wants one and I have never played one . Ta Woko.
  16. I have just fitted a Celestion G10 vintage to my valve special and I think there is an improvment in the sound the speaker seem good quality and a good price £29 new.
  17. thanks again folks. I am going to try the EJ300 before I make the final choice. will keep you good folk informed. ta woko
  18. Sorry I can not vote as I am in the u.k. Do you folk know that are ex pm Tony Blair owns a Strat !
  19. Thanks all I will give the guitar another go tomorrow . Let you all know if I buy it. Thanks for your help.
  20. Nice one as90 it looks like a very good repair is your luthier local or did you send it away.
  21. Hello All. I played a Epiphone EJ 200 in my local music store today and I was very impressed with the guitars looks tone and action. The price was £219 so it also seems to be great value. Just wondered what you folk think of the ej-200. p.s. The salesman in the store also let me play a Gibson J 200 (true vintage) at £2,299 I did'nt know I looked like a rich man. It was a beautiful guitar but over ten times the price of the Epiphone , I dont thik so.
  22. Dot for me every time (still love my lp as well)
  23. Hello all. I have put some new valves as per robo and fitted the new celestion speaker. I think it sounds better I will keep all informed as to how the new things age.
  24. One or two hours a day weekdays more at the weekend. Yes in a band callen the Senator the drummer as been in this band since 1960 we only play a couple of times a year I am looking for a new project. Anyone need a guitar/singer type person
  25. Just I like Bill Wilson I don't do beer so it's Coke for me
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