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  1. welcome to the forum that a very nice guitar you have there.
  2. There is a bloke in Liverpool named Will he works at a guitar called Frets "very origenal I here you say"put a Epiphone Neck on a telecaster and told everybody he played a Telephone guitar. True it was in the guitar mag over in the u.k.
  3. Thanks Robo Wiggy and Steven. The celestion is a CEL-G10 vintage @ 8 Ohm's The amp sounds o.k. and getting better as I use it. I only payed £99 new and thought if another £50 spent on new speaker / valve 's might make it even better.
  4. Thanks all I will do what wiggy says when I get some new stings and let you know how it goes.
  5. I have just bought myself a valve special looking though the grill at the back I can only see one valve and what look like two siver tubes. Question 1 Is the valve I can see an AX12 question 2 what are the silver things. question 3 I can pick up a Celestion speaker for £32 is it worth replacing the epiphone speaker.
  6. Thanks CB I have done the graphite thing without much luck. The tuners on the guitar are Grovers so I don't know whats going on with the tuning as it was wonderful for the first month of so. I will give it a good service tomorrow and see what happens. The grovers on my Gibson Dot look the same as the ones on the Epiphone except the ones on the Gibson are twenty years old and stay in tune no probs.
  7. Hello all. I need to change the machine heads on my Epiphone Dot as the stock ones dont seem to be staying in tune to well and it is starting to do my swede in. Can anybody recommend a set that will stay in tune.
  8. I keep about 6 guitars out at a time most hung on walls around my house and one or two on stands they are all kept intune and retuned if needed. All other guitars are kept in there cases and rotated when I get fed up with the ones that are out.
  9. Hello and welcome to the forum. I recommend you try a packet of Gibson brite wires 9/42 you can not go wrong .
  10. love the colour can you see why
  11. Welcome josef Great guitar the dot but you are right a few upgrades are needed a new nut and some tuners that work would be a good start.
  12. Looks like most of us are old gits dave mind you it takes a long time to save up for a gibson. Woko as just turned 45.
  13. Let's see Mr Blackmore Mr Morse Mr Gilmore Mr Clapton Mr Hendrix
  14. In my humble opinion we have a great classic rock station in the u.k. it's called planet rock d j's include Mr Alice Cooper Mr Richard Wakeman . Not to many adverts and all the jocks seem to respect the music. Available on DAB in the u.k. and on the web for the rest of the world. I listen when on the webb it's great!
  15. Some nice Les Paul guitars on this post this is my 1998 Studio Its one of my favs and defo the heaviest guitar I own
  16. Nice one as90 did you buy it local ?
  17. My name Is Alan But some people call me Lee
  18. I like both strats tim but number 2 just beats 1. the strat below is my fav in my collection What do you recon
  19. With albertjohn's post in mind what do you lot think of the way mr T used to end is show. when I see him (in the past) smashing Les Paul's SG's ect it makes me feel sick.
  20. I love to play my Les Paul. But my ES335 get the most use.
  21. Still no reply from the seller I will try again this time ask how old the guitar is. I see no one as bid on thiswonderful guitar.
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