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  1. Hello Dave great hair man! how long ago was that pic taken. I will try to dig out a old photo but for now here is a band pic from a gig we did in the summer i'm the one playing the Les Paul
  2. This is the only one in my collection that comes close to my Gibson,s Lets see this stays.
  3. Here is a pic of Dobby. She is the one with the black nose.
  4. Thanks robo I may buy it later this week
  5. I am just going to nip over to ebay and see if I can geta serial number from the seller will post it back here if I have any luck. P.s. I once sold a chorus pedel on ebay for £35 the buy it now price was £28 two punters had a bidding war going on I still have no idea why they did not press buy it now silly buggers
  6. Is there no trust left in the world this guitar must be worth £600 its must be a model we have not seen before the man said there is only 100 in the world. We must snap it up quick. p.s AS90 did you ever get over to that music shop in Rhyl to see the epiphone les paul I was banging on about.
  7. Hello Mike p and welcome to the forum. Have given any thought to the epiphone explorer see my avatar. £289.00 from Dawsons bloody hell great guitar little dosh.
  8. Hello all. I am thinking of buying a valve special for home use. I have tryed one in the shop and it sounds fine to me it is for home use only as I use a Fender blues reissui for live work. The wife is always moaning if I get the fender amp out so the smaller valve special seems a good plan for me. what do you folk think of this amp . Any good or what .
  9. I have just worked out how to put pic's on the forum so here is a pic of my newish 1988 Es 335 I bought it 20/Aug/08 Gigged it tonight for the first time the guitar was magic. only just got used to the colour mind.
  10. Hello folk's now I know how to load pic's I thought you might like to see my collection of guitars. the Fenders no longer get a look in since I bought my Epiphone dot. p.s. the gibson dot came after the epiphone
  11. The bass player is a lefty he also played Paul Mc a couple of time including a spot on a uk t.v show. The bands fee almost doubled when the bill said " as seen on t.v." him on stars in there eyes me on Crimewatch. p.s. I have changed my mind over tonights gig I will take my Epi dot and my Gibson 335 dot and use them both(not at the same time) the Les Paul can stay at home.
  12. It's a hofner new reissuie type guitar but he also has a 1963 hofner violin bass but he says it is now to valuble to take out the house.
  13. Hello folks the band is out this weekend I will be useing my Epiphone dot as main guitar with my Gibson Les Paul on the stand as back up guitar so there !
  14. Woko


    yes yes yes it seem to have worked thanks guys
  15. Woko


    lets see if this works
  16. I have had a gibson les paul classic (60s neck) and I still have a Les paul studio I prefer the neck on the studio but I like the thicker neck. Mind I have never played a classic with a 1950's neck. so there you go
  17. It would be my epiphone dot. I will keep Gibson dot in its case. Don't want it to get damaged now.
  18. Let me know how you get on I will be taking a look myself on Saturday.
  19. Put me down for the Les Paul please. I had an SG400 for a year or so and could not get use to it.
  20. Yep change the strings thats the first thing I do when I buy a new or used guitar. You then know the make of string the age and you may get some fun from doing the job.
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