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  1. I would try to fine out the correct serial number as the one in the advert is not reconised by the dater webb site I use . I dont think they made them in 1981. it looks more like a mid 1990's guitar to me.
  2. Hello all. Yes the owner of the shop offered the guy £40 but the guy must have misheard him and said I will take £30. That is what the assistant found funny. I was not after the guitar for a cheap price I just thought the owner should have given the seller a fair price. This was last Saturday the guitar came into the shop on Friday. I think the assistant must have been in trouble for telling me in the first place. I will go in the shop again on Saturday . 1. To see if guitar as been sold. 2. To see if assistant as been sacked.
  3. I was in a guitar shop in Rhyl (North Wales)on Saturday for sale in the Shop was a very nice 1995 Epiphone Les paul in very good condition and set up to a high standard. The assistant in the shop said there's a funny story about that guitar. "this bloke came in yesterday said how much will you give me for this. The Guy in the shop said "yes I will give you £40 for it. The man said "give me £30 and we can call it a deal". When the boss came back in I ask how much for the Les paul he said that guitar will cost you £230 . 1 The seller must have been desperate for some cash. 2 Stupid. 3 G
  4. Thanks all I will pop some bright wires 9's on ans see how we go.
  5. Lets see now my 1973 Strat cost £2500(bought Jan2008) I part exchanged a Gibson Les Paul classic so the strat cost £1750 cash. I have just payed £1175 for a 1988 Gibson ES 335 dot. I must have spent a £6000 in the last 5 years. At one time last year I hade Twenty guitars the wife was going to kick me out so I have slimmed them down 10 or so.
  6. Almost five weeks since I bought the dot I changed the strings on the day I bought the guitar. 1x nice set of Ernie Ball Hybred slinky (9/46) that were hanging around . The dot as played two gigs and played most days so new string now required. What do you folks use and recommend?
  7. I do not know about the fake thing but I buy and sell alot on ebay and always recommend that the buyer picks up or comes and try the guitar before they buy. This seller seems a bit suspect to me. Also is feedback is not 100%
  8. I love my dot it's changed the way I play. I will be giging with it this afternoon.
  9. I had lessons when I started playing electric guitar I was 13 at the time (long time ago) for two years or so but what they were teaching was not what I wanted to play so stopped the lessons. Then from the age of 25 I played semi -pro for 20 years in a named 1960's band and got very lazy(I still do 3 or 4 gigs a year). I could do with some lessons now but feel a bit daft after all this time playing guitar. (39 years)
  10. Just said hello to a new member of the forum who as just bought his first electric guitar. Just got me thinking about the my first electric guitar. It was a top twenty (that was what it was called) guitar it was made in Japan crap by todays standard but fantastic compered to the £6.99 Spanish acoustic I was playing at the time. This was a long time ago say 1975 or so. So folks what was your first and when.
  11. Hello and welcome to the forum for your first electric you have made a good choice. My first electric way back in the 1970's was a top twenty guitar made in Japan it was crap by todays standards but wonderful compered to my spanish acoustic. Enjoy you new guitar.
  12. Hello folks I would love to join in but do not know how to put pics on the reply. please help.
  13. Thanks folks that red dot is fantastic.
  14. Yes I wonder that as well, I think the dots are on the side of the fretboard. Anyway nice guitar for the price. They sell for £229 in the u.k.
  15. Sorry about getting your name wrong .
  16. Welcome to the forum Pablo I have a EE Epiphone 335 dot 4 weeks old I also have a 1988 Gibson es335 dot they are both fine guitars. The Gibson cost 5 times more than the Epiphone but I will tell you this it is Not 5 times better. Just different and maybe better sounding. So enjoy your new Guitar.
  17. As anyone had there guitar stripped back to the wood and revarnished.(a bit like John Lennons Casino) Questions. What did it cost. How did it look. Do you think it make any differance to the value. Any one you can reccomend in the u.k.
  18. Welcome to the forum dukedog. just go to my profile, click on avatar find you own pic upload it and Bobs your uncle as we say in the u.k.
  19. p.s have you tryd Dawsons they tride to sell me a Epiphone case when I bought my 335 3 weeks ago £79. they said it cost. I have only just got the Hiscox as it came free with my latest guitar.
  20. I have just picked up a Hiscox case for mine(es335 dot) the case is top marks and u.k. made it also looks like a lady's front bum when open.
  21. I still havent found one I have tried multi seperates good and bad . But still like the sound of my valve amp (Fender blues reissu) for live work. I use a Zoom multi at home with headphones at home most of the time.
  22. Woko

    My new Guitar

    Thanks I have since been told it's called tobbaco sunburst. Smoking is now band in the u.k. so I best not take it down the pub or I will only be able to play it out side in the rain. (HA HA)
  23. Sorry about the title folks but remember I am only new to this sort of thing. Anyway the colour is stating to grow on me now.
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