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  1. Job done now we can all see my fantastic new 335 dot ta again. woko
  2. Thanks I will give it a go.
  3. Hi folks I would love to put a picture of my new dot on my profile but have no idea how to any help out there sorry for being so fik it must be form using fenders for so long.
  4. Thank for all the feedback. I would post a pic of the new dot if I had any idea how to. Anyway Back to my new ES335 dot. I didn,t play alot on Sunday as I put some new strings on (ernie ball hybred slinky the same as i use on my strats ect). The band were out Sunday so I let the guitar settle in all day, I was planning to use the 335 and my Les Paul (gibson1998 studio)on the night. The gibson was only used twice in the secong half and then it was back to the 335 if is so rock n roll. As soon as we started the first set I came the conclusion that I have been using the wrong guitar for the last
  5. Most days 1 to 2 hours (when the wife is watching rubbish on tv) at weekends 3 to 4 hours today ten hours in fact I am playing as I type. On gig days only at set up.
  6. I bought myself a Epiphone dot today. After setting it up (standard setting like a cheese grater)I must have played the thing for 10 hours is this normal as my other guitars (Gibsons and Fender ect)don't have this effect on me. What do you think.
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