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  1. the second link is a European store that sells official Gibson short and long Maestro lyre and sideways vibrolas ! http://www.croxguitars.com/GibAOAHW.htm
  2. http://townerusa.com/towner-vibrato-systems/ http://www.croxguitars.com/GibVibrolas.htm check these out as well! the towner is awesome!
  3. Looks like our well voiced points have and will continue to fall on deaf ears. How much money do you think is or was saved by doing this forum reorganization? It has to be a money thing otherwise they wouldn't have touched it. Before the changes regardless of traffic and usage in the individual sub forums, everything was separated,organized and discover able for a user looking for information or to contribute. Even slow sections that weren't getting the usage most likely had the biggest and most informative/ sought after threads sitting at the top easily found and accessible for a new member or users troubleshooting ... If it aint broke , don't fix it
  4. Radiant heating systems should function overall like a traditional heating system. The most common types are forced hot water or electrical mesh. either way just keep in mind that the heat is being generated "in the floor" and the hot air rises. So it should in theory be warmer the lower you go. you may not want to keep your guitars on the floor maybe wall hangers or in case in a part of the apartment that doesn't have the radiant! I am not sure the radiant would even be a problem for floor level storage but its worth keeping an eye on. This kind of heating system may also effect humidity differently than a traditional heating system so keep an eye on that as well. I dont think you have anything to really be concerned about more of a this is a new environment and you need figure out the "quirks " of the system! Good Luck and Happy Holidays!
  5. I like the current Epi headstock shape on almost all models except Lp's and Sg's, it has just never looked quite right.
  6. lol I do not discriminate! My next Sg will be a special with the 490 pair and dots!
  7. I think they are all just merged into the USA soup
  8. The new changes are not great, Subforums are so much easier to stay organized....
  9. Here is my family, a nice white Sg would fit in well.
  10. Rev Six, swap the gold for nickle hardware and I'm in as well!
  11. http://www.zzounds.com/item--FEN2313600 the new ones are not the same, this is one of the few older models and they are nice. all depends on budget and power/speaker needs!
  12. I like the amber finish on the gucci model but it needs normal knobs and trc, vintage tuners and creme pup rings and guard!
  13. I have also had great results from Sweetwater, if they had the Zzounds or AMS payment options I would got through them exclusively!
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