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  1. I don't have any experience with the JVM410 amp. I have one of those JMP combo 1 watt amps and it's perfect for home practice. The tone is awesome IMO, even the clean tone has a really nice warm chime/ jangle. I love it! I haven't tried it with a cab yet, but after seeing some the posts here I can't wait to.
  2. Thanks for the clarification j45nick.
  3. So far we seem to be on the home straight, so it would appear that this won't be necessary but good to know. Thanks Sure is, Gibson production date is specified as November 2013. I got her on the 31st of January. :) So far the buzzing seems to have gone away after the first string change and actually I have recently being giving her a good cranking!
  4. Ken, Brantobrien, Firstly thank you for the time you have taken to respond. I looked but cant see any wire that runs over the saddles, either Gibson hasn't installed them on the 2013 model or I have missed it. I did look in the daylight but didn't see anything. I changed the strings and set the intonation on 4 strings that needed it. So far the ringing isn't present. I will see how it goes now, if it comes back I will do what you suggested Ken and test to see if some of the saddles may not have been cut properly. Have a great week!
  5. Hi Ken, Thanks for that. Unfortunately, the ringing has come back again, so tightening the toggle switch must of just been a coincidence and I can now deduce that the issue is intermittent. I will check what you have suggested. Thanks again
  6. Hi Brantobrien, What do you mean by retaining wire? Thx
  7. Hi LysanderSky, Well it didn't seem to be loose but I tightened it a little anyway and it seems to have done the trick. Thanks!
  8. Hey there Gibsonites, So, I recently become the proud owner of a '59 ES335 Reissue (Nashville model). I love the tone of the custom buckers in the semi hollow body and as far as playability is concerned it is the easiest axe I own to play and the finish is flawless. It has been three weeks since I got her and I have started noticing a strange ringing sound when play the open G string and when fretting the high E string on G at the third fret. My first thought was that it was touching the frets but the ringing sound seems to be coming from the pickup area, specifically near the bridge
  9. You never know, you may just pull the trigger one day! I particularly like the DC special but I have never come across one in any of the local resellers. I guess Gibson aren't making them right now. Here is a link: http://www2.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/Les-Paul/Gibson-Custom/1960-Les-Paul-Special-Double-VOS/Features.aspx Darn that is a looker. I wonder what the tone on those PUPs is like. I have a feeling they will be pretty hot.
  10. That's a beaut you've got there Rushian. Enjoy
  11. It looks great! Congrats edit: also meant to say that the grain of the fret board is cool
  12. There's just something about the look of an LP DC that I find so appealing. They got a 98 dc std in at my local recently and it is giving me serious GAS. Here's a link www.yourmusicguitars.com/index.php/en/electric-guitars/solid-body-electric-guitars/1998-gibson-les-paul-standard-double-cut-detail#enlarge I doubt I will be buying though as I just got my 335 3 weeks ago. Still one can dream! I don't know much about these guitars and so far I haven't found any spec for the 98 model. Any owners out there care to share their views on this model or know more about them? Pups, neck p
  13. On my 2010 R8 VOS I can see a tiny amount of checking near the neck pickup tone pot. It isn't easily noticeable but it's there, kinda cool actually.
  14. Thanks Steve. I haven't read a bad comment yet about a 335, and after having had time to play her some more last night and today, I can see why. Every tone adjustment I have tried on the neck and bridge pick up has been a real treat and the neck is just sublime, it really is an awesome guitar all round. I am very happy she came my way, she's a keeper for sure. Here are a couple of quick snaps I took with my phone, they didn't come out very well unfortunately but then I always did suck at photography. My wife often reminds me of this.
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