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  1. For a while, I had a '67 ES-335 and a '68 ES-345. They were excellent, but did not play or sound quite as good as the newbie 2011:
  2. Thank you... Although it is a touch blurry, it came out great, especially considering that I didn't try hard to compose the picture. I think it may have already been leaning there when I decided to take a picture.
  3. Since others have dared muddy the waters here with their respective 345 and 355 cousins, I will display my 345 too. :) This not a Historic, Reissue, Signature, etc...just a stock 2011 ES-345 made in the Memphis plant. It is the best Gibson electric I've had out of a dozen or so.
  4. I went back and looked at your '79 ES-355. I used to have a 1970-72 ES-355 that looked just like yours, with the very dark Walnut finish...not the tepid dung brown. Beautiful, but unfortunately, the tone of my guitar was pretty sterile, so it's long gone from my possession.
  5. This 2004 R7 was mine once upon a time. I love the spiffy blacktop, but man, the neck on this thing was twice as thick as it should be, IMO. Despite the huge neck, it weighed well under 9 pounds. It was almost worth the price just for the privilege of staring at it.
  6. Wow, some toughies here...Charlie Brown, you must have been in a tight spot to sell off those gems! Geoff, I can't believe my eyes...that Crossfield looks like it went through a Sex Pistols tour. For me, while I do miss a few of the approximately 15 Gibsons I have sold (a gorgeous '68 345 sunburst, and an ebony-topped R7 Les Paul come to mind), my current '11 ES-345 outshines all of them, so I have no nagging regrets in the Gibby department. Memphis, take a bow! I do miss my Butterscotch Blonde American Series Strat, as it definitely felt and sounded a bit better than the MIM I have now. The MIM is not bad, especially for the price, and could probably be much better with some new electronics. The eBay buyer who bought my American Strat made some BS complaints that add to the regret (a happy/grateful buyer does the opposite, of course).
  7. qblue, I'd love to play that "brick" ES-347...they are classy lookers for sure, and I think of them as something akin to LP Custom, so I expect them to have some mass. My 1967 ES-335 is the lightest Gibson I've ever owned - around 7 1/2 pounds. It doesn't have quite the same sustain as most LPs do ('specially with that trapeze tail), but it sings as sweetly as I could ever want, and it can still growl mean enough for my needs. Best-sounding of the 10+ Gibbys I've ever had.
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