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  1. Thanks! Crazy I've never seen that one, because it doesn't even show up in the Archtop section of Epiphone's website! Would be great if they bring back the 345 and 355 again, although the pick guard already being attached would help those scared of a drill like me lol
  2. What do people think of the 2020 Epiphone Riviera Semi-hollowbody Sparkling Burgundy? Personally I don't see any difference between it and the 2011 Cherry. I preferred the Riviera a few years earlier where the headstock had the crown inlay, think that was Korean made. I really hope one day Epiphone reissue this 80's Japanese Matsumoko Riviera in Wine Red with full humbuckers, stop bar tail piece and crown inlay. I wouldn't mind modern top hat knobs instead of the vintage ones with large numbers. Also wouldn't mind a modern scratch place with silver E instead of the black small painted E.
  3. I'm sad about another Riviera release that isn't a wine red Matsumoku
  4. Why are the strings (or frets) so dirty on brand new Chinese Epiphones?
  5. https://www.andertons.co.uk/brands/epiphone-joe-bonamassa-black-beauty-les-paul-custom-ebony?utm_source=YouTube&utm_medium=video&utm_campaign=epiphone-joe-bonamassa-les-paul-custom Ebony fretboard £749.00 Preorder Next Delivery Due: Wednesday, 6 January 2021
  6. Seems delayed til winter, one shop thinks 30th Sept: https://www.giggear.co.uk/guitars/epiphone-1959-les-paul-standard-outfit-aged-dark-burst.htm
  7. Would be good if they fixed the extremely dirty fret wire too
  8. There are tons of Inspired by Gibson models and only some state CTS electronics. What model is it?
  9. no, might try the ltd edition 59 Les Paul when it comes out, that gets QC checked in USA so might help catch the finish issues
  10. I read it's the frets that are dirty but I have already returned the guitar. Great service from Dawsons Music and Paypal even covered the return shipping.
  11. Received this amazing guitar today, it plays so great, love the new (old) headstock shape. Great action, no buzzing and intonation seems fine. I'm familiar with the slim taper neck from the 50th Anniversary 1962 Sheraton, which funnily enough has the same Kalamazoo headstock, which is why I went for the 60s over the 50s. Plus I already have a Korean Les Paul Custom which has a fatter neck which I find less enjoyable to play. Sadly there are a few finish issues so I'm pondering about returning it. Here they are, in the order I noticed them: Dirty marks embedded in the binding on left side of first and second frets. Nut is offset very slightly to the right and not smooth with the neck. Possible fracture deep in the finish at the nut. Tiny curve cut out of the neck pickup surround. Trust rod cover screws are in at angle, the same angle, quite far off straight. Not sure if it is dirty strings or the laurel wood but my fingers get extremely dirty which playing, most likely strings just need a good clean. Would anyone else return it because of these issues or am I being too picky? I used a coupon to get a great price which I may forfeit if I returned it, and if I exchange I always the chance of getting one in a worse state.
  12. you could try the moisture absorbing crystal sacks that come with new guitars.
  13. It's in this Anderton's video and they say it's rumoured to have rosewood which they have already put on their spec. I noticed it has a matte finish (they area calling "aged") or maybe just missing the lacquer coating. Comes with quite a price premium, £699 vs £499 for 50s and £529 for 60s.
  14. Epiphone will hopefully be releasing a USA made Riviera to match their new USA made Casino
  15. Some of these 2019 models have already been available in other parts of the world, like the 355 Pro with block inlay could have been got from Aliexpress for several years. The Les Paul Lite was in Korea in Feb 2019. Personally I'm not a fan of the lighter fingerboard but in the video they say it would be possible to oil the board to make it darker, if that's the case then why don't Epiphone just do that at the China factory?
  16. http://www.epiphone.com/News/Features/2018/Epiphone-at-Summer-NAMM-18.aspx Anyone getting the Les Paul Prism lol! Flower Power! Either they got a new photographer or the fingerboards are a much lighter wood than usual. Still no 80's Riviera reissue
  17. Sometimes they are already sold out even before announced, other times they get cancelled so hard to say. At Andertons that Explorer says due Nov 30th, however whats happened with the cancelled ones is that date just gets pushed back and back until the retailer just gives up.
  18. not even the one with the bottle opener on the back?
  19. Went on the Epi site to see if there were any new releases and found these new white guitars, don't see them mentioned on the forum yet so was wondering what people think? http://www.epiphone.com/Products/Electrics/Les-Paul/Matt-Heafy-Snofall-Les-Paul-Custom.aspx http://www.epiphone.com/Products/Electrics/Les-Paul/Matt-Heafy-Snofall-Les-Paul-Custom-7.aspx http://www.epiphone.com/Products/Electrics/Designer/Ltd-Ed-Tommy-Thayer-White-Lightning-Explorer.aspx http://www.epiphone.com/Products/Les-Paul/Ltd-Ed-Bjorn-Gelotte-Jotun-LP-Custom-Outfit.aspx I'm not sure what is stranger, the plastic fingerboard or the 7 strings
  20. In my experience old Epiphones just lack sustain, are harder to play and generally just sound bad. Maybe they need refurbished to be playable again, luckily I sold mine to collectors for a good price.
  21. Cool was it this one? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Epiphone-Riviera-Electric-Guitar-and-original-case-/152017748039 I hope you got Noel's I know its changed hands before.
  22. before you make any adjustments try new strings. I had some crazy problems and the saddles wouldn't move far enough. Then after I replaced strings I had to put them all back to the original place so it was a complete waste of time.
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