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  1. Would be good if they fixed the extremely dirty fret wire too
  2. There are tons of Inspired by Gibson models and only some state CTS electronics. What model is it?
  3. no, might try the ltd edition 59 Les Paul when it comes out, that gets QC checked in USA so might help catch the finish issues
  4. I read it's the frets that are dirty but I have already returned the guitar. Great service from Dawsons Music and Paypal even covered the return shipping.
  5. Received this amazing guitar today, it plays so great, love the new (old) headstock shape. Great action, no buzzing and intonation seems fine. I'm familiar with the slim taper neck from the 50th Anniversary 1962 Sheraton, which funnily enough has the same Kalamazoo headstock, which is why I went for the 60s over the 50s. Plus I already have a Korean Les Paul Custom which has a fatter neck which I find less enjoyable to play. Sadly there are a few finish issues so I'm pondering about returning it. Here they are, in the order I noticed them: Dirty marks embedded in the binding on left side of first and second frets. Nut is offset very slightly to the right and not smooth with the neck. Possible fracture deep in the finish at the nut. Tiny curve cut out of the neck pickup surround. Trust rod cover screws are in at angle, the same angle, quite far off straight. Not sure if it is dirty strings or the laurel wood but my fingers get extremely dirty which playing, most likely strings just need a good clean. Would anyone else return it because of these issues or am I being too picky? I used a coupon to get a great price which I may forfeit if I returned it, and if I exchange I always the chance of getting one in a worse state.
  6. you could try the moisture absorbing crystal sacks that come with new guitars.
  7. It's in this Anderton's video and they say it's rumoured to have rosewood which they have already put on their spec. I noticed it has a matte finish (they area calling "aged") or maybe just missing the lacquer coating. Comes with quite a price premium, £699 vs £499 for 50s and £529 for 60s.
  8. Epiphone will hopefully be releasing a USA made Riviera to match their new USA made Casino
  9. Some of these 2019 models have already been available in other parts of the world, like the 355 Pro with block inlay could have been got from Aliexpress for several years. The Les Paul Lite was in Korea in Feb 2019. Personally I'm not a fan of the lighter fingerboard but in the video they say it would be possible to oil the board to make it darker, if that's the case then why don't Epiphone just do that at the China factory?
  10. http://www.epiphone.com/News/Features/2018/Epiphone-at-Summer-NAMM-18.aspx Anyone getting the Les Paul Prism lol! Flower Power! Either they got a new photographer or the fingerboards are a much lighter wood than usual. Still no 80's Riviera reissue
  11. Sometimes they are already sold out even before announced, other times they get cancelled so hard to say. At Andertons that Explorer says due Nov 30th, however whats happened with the cancelled ones is that date just gets pushed back and back until the retailer just gives up.
  12. not even the one with the bottle opener on the back?
  13. Went on the Epi site to see if there were any new releases and found these new white guitars, don't see them mentioned on the forum yet so was wondering what people think? http://www.epiphone.com/Products/Electrics/Les-Paul/Matt-Heafy-Snofall-Les-Paul-Custom.aspx http://www.epiphone.com/Products/Electrics/Les-Paul/Matt-Heafy-Snofall-Les-Paul-Custom-7.aspx http://www.epiphone.com/Products/Electrics/Designer/Ltd-Ed-Tommy-Thayer-White-Lightning-Explorer.aspx http://www.epiphone.com/Products/Les-Paul/Ltd-Ed-Bjorn-Gelotte-Jotun-LP-Custom-Outfit.aspx I'm not sure what is stranger, the plastic fingerboard or the 7 strings
  14. In my experience old Epiphones just lack sustain, are harder to play and generally just sound bad. Maybe they need refurbished to be playable again, luckily I sold mine to collectors for a good price.
  15. will they finally reissue the Matsumoku wine red Riviera?
  16. Cool was it this one? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Epiphone-Riviera-Electric-Guitar-and-original-case-/152017748039 I hope you got Noel's I know its changed hands before.
  17. video of a guy in the booth explaining what's new: It's good to hear him acknowledging quality has been lacking and have tried to improve it in past 2 years. Not sure about that new acoustic, not really a fan of the matte wood.
  18. So the Sheraton II Pro is now available and just noticed it got a really bad review on Amazon, so bad in fact the purchaser took advantage of Amazon's return policy and returned it, this is not a good sign for Epiphone: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00YQ15XKQ?redirect=true&ref_=s9_im_co_g267_i5 4 of 4 people found the following review helpful Disapointed. By Terry G on 18 Sept. 2015 Colour Name: Vintage SunburstHand Orientation: Right Verified Purchase I bought this after hearing it played on several videos and liked the sound. In the 45 years I have played I have never been so disappointed with an instrument. I have an Epiphone Les Paul as well as several other guitars. Epiphone have made nice very playable guitars only fault pickups have been week and normally replaced. I am afraid that after several days with this instrument I would say the same. Plays great although I can not get the action as low as the Les Paul. Frets need levelling and polishing for it to be as playable as it could be. Pickups generally very thin and as bright as my Telecasters and that is with out using the coil taps with the treble backed off to 4. With coil taps just too bright. All in all I was very disappointed with this guitar so I sent it back.
  19. I tried out a 355 in guitar center and wasn't that impressed with chunky neck or the overall quality, in fact the one I played fell apart in my hands! It felt too light for its size and the input jack fell off. Then there was the problem that the first batch had ebony fingerboard but then they downgraded it to rosewood which added some unwanted hassle. Another thing that put me off is you have to drill your own holes to put the pick guard on, I just couldn't believe that.It was really frustrating because I had been wanting that style for a while. So I gave it a miss but then luckily the 1962 50th Anniversary Sheraton came along and I got one of those instead and it is an absolutely stunning guitar for the price, I doubt many of those will become available though as so few were made. I got the cherry with fan tail and I wish I had also got the sunburst. The only issue I had was the gold was peeling off the pole pieces on the pickup, however Gibson sent me a free pickup to take the pieces out and screw into mine and that was fine. Lately I've been tempted to try out the new 335 Pro because I like the crown head and block inlays, and the pickups sound interesting, however I wasn't impressed with the original 335 Dot so for that reason I haven't really got round to trying one. If they did one in wine red I would definitely buy it. The Sheraton Pro II also looked interesting, particularly because it is in wine red but also because of the pro pickups, however from the pictures it looks cherry which I already have and compared to the 1962 it doesn't look as nice because it has the normal head stock and full size pickups instead of minis which I think look nicer on Sheratons. Next I suppose I'm waiting on a re-release of the 1980s Matsumoku Riviera in wine red with crown head and parallelogram inlays with silver hardware, full size pickups, stop tail piece, I'd buy that in a second! The problem is if its made in Japan it'll be too expensive like the elitists that are made there are currently. Another one is the Riviera II, made in China, supposed to be Japan marked only, however it appears the factory has leaked some on to taobao.com for very cheap. It's basically the Supernova without the blue colour option. It looks a bit low quality and I'd prefer to play one before ordering. Might just have to go Asia to try some out!
  20. I've played that WR Riviera 3xP90 with Bigsby, personally I thought it was junk! The input jack fell off. The new Sheraton II PRO might be OK if it has a slim profile neck. If not then you are better off with a Les Paul much more playable. The best arch-top Epiphone has made is the Sheraton 1962 reissue because it has the thinnest neck they've ever made. Dot, Riviera P90, Sheraton, ES-355 all unplayable in my opinion, and I even have quite big hands!
  21. Looks really great! Would be interested to know if it plays as good as my Sheraton 1962 50th anniversary which really changed my opinion on epiphone arch tops cause it plays stunning, like as versatile with thin neck and fast fingerboard as a les paul. If only the made a 335 Pro in Wine Red instead of the new Sheraton 2, I would buy that in an instant. I'm also really jealous of the deals you get in USA, thats where I got my Sherry 62 for only $719 all-in but lugging it back to the UK on a plane although was straight thanks to the US airlines great policies on guitars as carry-ons, it still was kind of a hassle. I used to have my eye on Thonman.de as it looked like they were becoming comparably in price to musicians friend and American Musical Supply but lately they haven't been getting the new models, e.g. they don't even stock the 335 pro.
  22. why did epiphone use a pic of a cherry red in their promo material for the wine red?
  23. Tried one in GC a couple of years ago, thought it felt really cheap. The problems I had was the neck was too thick, the switch was broken and I broke the jack socket. The 1962 Sheraton feels 10x better.
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