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  1. Look at the "Spec" tab under the model. Then look where it says "body" and see what it says.
  2. I've seen Trads in my local GC and Sam Ash with and without pickguards straight from Gibson. Look hard enough and you'll find one. I do love a good flame top without a pickguard, but I think I'd be afraid to ruin it. So I'll stick to the classic look with the pickguard.
  3. That's why it's confusing. As you see in the Tradtional, is says traditional weight relieved holes. In the specs for the Bonamassa it says traditional weight relief. Hmmmmmmmmmm. Either way, mine plays great and feels about the same weight as my traditional, though I've never put either on a scale.
  4. Love my Trad. Best Gibby in my world!
  5. Since at your son's age the guitar is sure to get used and abused; if you want USA made, get a Studio model that will last forever AND if he looses interest, you can always resell without taking too much of a killing.
  6. Body Top Maple Back Mahogany Body Type Traditional Weight Relief Adhesive Franklin Titebond 50 Straight from the Bonamassa Spec page
  7. Not for the Bonamassa edition per the website
  8. "Traditional Weight Relieved" means swiss cheese holes. Chambered means hollowed out. At least that's how I understand it.
  9. It is weight releived like swiss cheese.
  10. I have both On Stange and Hercules stands and have never had an issue with either. Looking around my local Sam Ash and talking with the folks there, they use both of those for all their guitars; even the $5000 customs! The guys I've spoken with said they have never seen a problem and have some of the higher end guitars on stands for years.
  11. Got mine last week when I also picked up a wine red Trad. :) Both are awesome!
  12. Yep, what he said. '57 classic in the neck and '57 classic plus in the bridge on Traditional Plus.
  13. Yeah I got all that. But isn't it just crazy that such a quality expensive product can't come up with a way to use an additive of some form to stabalize the nitro so us LP lovers wouldn't have to worry aboubt it?!
  14. This baby will be in my hands tomorrow! Can't wait!
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