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  1. Don't know if this will work but it is pretty funny. This is a concert I did with the Surfin' Tones. I played bass with them. We were a Ventures Tribute Band. If the link doesn't work can someone help make it work. I'm not real good at these things. Thanks, hope you all enjoy!...... Michael
  2. Hi, I have the Aura Jumbo Pedal that I use with my SJ200. I put it through my PA and it sounds great. It's hard to improve on a J200 but the pedal gives it a fatter more polished sound. You can blend in how much ratio between pedal and pick-up you want and it really cuts down feedback in live situations. If you are getting a lot of feedback you just dial in more pedal and less pick-up. I got mine on ebay and if you are patient you can get one for $150 or less. Don't pay retail! Hope this helps!
  3. Ya, it is a great loss! Loved PP&M. GG, she did play guitar early on but then put it down to just do vocals.
  4. How 'bout Justin and John as the Bluejays. Wow, what an album!
  5. Hall Groper, I see the Moody's everytime they come this way, which is almost every year. It's sad to not see Ray any longer but the three of them still pull it off! Justin rules! What a voice! Great guitarist also!
  6. Michael


    TWilson, nice picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Hey Celtichboy, they play kind of a '60's sound with a lot of jingle- jangling acoustic guitar. They are a indyband, which is suppose to be all the fad in Scotland right now. Hey, you gotta get with it there Celtichboy! Check out their new album called "My Maudlin Career". I think you would really like them! http://www.camera-obscura.net/
  8. He is a great poet and lyricist, but cerainly not a singer! That's kind of like saying Willie Nelson is a singer! Geeeeze!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Hi Celticbhoy, I have a SJ200 also and leave the battery in all the time. I have had the guitar about a year and the company that sold it to me said it would last for years, so just leave it alone until it dies, I guess. Hey, while I have you on the line, I recently fell in love with a band from your neck of the woods called Camera Obscura. Incredible music ! I haven't heard such good music in many, many years. I just ordered their new CD! The girl singer is really good. Have you been to any of their concerts? They will be touring in the states soon, but will not be comming near here. That's too bad! Anyway, hope this helps and I 'm sure someone will chime in and let us both know about the battery. Michael
  10. Wiley, I know what you are going through. I have it bad and just take major pain meds. to relieve the pain.
  11. Jayla, great replies, you have an incredible sence of logic and you state the case so beautifully! I agree with you and ks. and GG and others, if you don't like it here, why stay?
  12. Karen, naaaaaaaaaaa!, I sound good every night!
  13. I have a Custom Balladeer and I love it. It's not as good as my SJ but it serves it's purpose.
  14. Great thread! I have a very strange story! I started playing drums professionally at 16 with various rock bands and even got to open up for Poco for two nights to 15,000 people each night. Very scarry! I got to jam with Rusty Young and Timothy B Schmitt for our sound checks. Then came Vietnam and four years of no music for me. Then went to college and received two degrees in music, one in Music Education and one in Music Performance. I also played with the Broward Symphony Orchestra for seven years and was their Principal Percussionest. Got to play with people like, Doc Severenson, Della Reese, Gordon McCray, etc....... . Then I played drums six nights a week with a band for 14 years, in two night clubs in Ft. Lauderdale. There were also many other bands and gigs too numberous to mention. I finally wore out my shoulders and hips, back and neck due to all of the use. Lots of bad discs and arthritis. So, I changed to Bass Guitar and practiced for a few years and played professionally with an instrumental Surf Band called the Surfin' Tones for four years. Got to open up for America at the Datona Speedway, way cool! OK, so, then I got what is called trigger finger on both of my ring fingers and had to have surgery. Used my fingers too much! The moral of the story is to take it easy on your body parts, you can wear them out !!!! So, now I have bought a SJ 200 and have put together a Everly Brother's Tribute Show which will be launched later on this year. This is after much practice and research. My friend and I are recording all of the backing tracks so we will just be playing SJ's and singing while the rest of the band will be recorded. Kind of like Karoke. So far, so good, all apendiges are working well and I hope to be working again soon. I have also recorded a lot of CD's with many bands. OK, enough about me, how bout you all!
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