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    Another once I got it home, sorry for bad quality, just using blackberry camera, can't find my digital; not much of a photographer. Sorry but that's all I can upload for now, will add more later once I recover from Metallica show, hard on the head from five rows back.
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    Em7 I am a strummer, it'll be mostly played singer songerwriter with me singing with it. But I do a fair amount of picking as well and I can't believe how well this accomplishes that. On my way out the door, pics prolly tmrw!
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    Hey Guys, Just got home from buying a new Hummingbird, and I couldn't be any more excited about it. I walked into the store thinking that I may leave with her and I was right. The same store also had a couple J-45's, three J-200's, custom RW J-45, as well as a couple SWD's. Aside from Gibson's they had a fresh batch of Limited Taylors, as well as a good selection of D-28 variants. I played nearly everything they had and the Hummingbird by far was the one for me, it had the most open sound with the most presence and depth of any of the guitars they had. I couldn't believe how far and awa
  4. Oh it'll definitely be played, and often, I just don't want to be going and upsetting guitar gods with modification blasphemy.
  5. Yeah but how does that sound through a dimed tweed bassman?
  6. Hmm... just discovered http://www.tapastring.com/vintagejack.htm Problem solved?
  7. Hey guys, just wondering what your thoughts are on the installation of a pickup and decreasing the value of a vintage or rare guitar? In particular I guess I mean the requirement of drilling an end pin hole, say with the use of soundboard transducers.
  8. Hey guys, I've read that Gibson is no longer using Madagascar rosewood in the Western Classic places the model tone wood wise on par with the J-200 Custom. Aside from aesthetics, the beautiful 5-ply binding, can anyone offer a comparison of these two models tone wise. Gibson's description for both models states: "The lightweight bracing pattern inside the Custom Western Classic J-200 is the same pattern used in Gibson’s first Super Jumbo in 1937—constructed to support and strengthen a very large surface, thus allowing the top more freedom of movement to vibrate and project sound. "
  9. I was speaking with a manager of a large chain guitar store and he told me that in conversation with Gibson they mentioned that the production run for the Jackson Browne Signature Model will likely be ending this year, making this a very limited production number of guitars. I was also told that the first 100 with electronics were to be signed by Jackson. Has anyone heard any similar end of production rumors?
  10. Sure there are more lucrative investments, but have you ever tried to play a song on a bank statement? Doesn't sound very good. I've already got some invested in antique vehicles, and it certainly is nice to take the top down on those investments every now and then. I suppose I'm not really looking at it as a serious monetary investment, but I do want to invest a lot of my music into an instrument.
  11. I'm currently thinking of a few different things, I'm between a Jackson Browne Model A, Western Classic, or a Custom J-200 RW. I love the sound of rosewood jumbos and the rich overtones they produce, and have yet to hand a chance to try out a JB, and probably won't until it's time to make a long drive to a dealer who has one in stock.
  12. I'm 23, so I hope it's quiet a while until I'm ready to leave it with my grand kids, but I am thinking along those lines. That being said, at only 23 it's not like I won't have the opportunity to get more instruments like the Doves in flight or the koa bird later on. I saw your pics of the birds and their amazing, congrats man. I guys I probably should make this first one according to the guitar I want to hear for 50 years, and worry about investment value later.
  13. Sorry for the cliche topic, but I'm just wondering what you guys think, if you could pick only one guitar out of the current line of Gibson's to purchase now and to keep in the family for say 50 years, which model would this be? I mean this not only in terms of say a desert island guitar, which I would also like to know, but also in terms of an investment (I'm sure we all would have like to have known 50 years ago what would be coveted today) but give it a shot. I guess I'm kinda in this position myself right now, and I realize you can't help me with my personal desert island selection but
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