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  1. Hi Guys, I'm really into looping at the minute, I'm using the loop feature on my ME-70 - it's good, but you only get about 40 seconds of loop time, and it relies on hitting the pedal at just the right time to record/over dub, and the worst bit is that you (or me) screw something up on the 5th overdub you're doing there's no way of deleting it or un-doing so you have to scrap the lot and start again. I've been doing a bit of research and see that Boss do their RC series Loop Stations. Although at the minute I can't tell the difference between RC-2, RC-20XL, RC-3, RC30, RC300, RC-50
  2. I've got a BOSS ME80 (multi effects) I sold 4 separate stomp boxes to buy it and have not looked back. I really don't follow the logic that "oh no man, just buy separate ones because you can combine things so much better" etc etc... makes no god dam sense to me. The benefits with a multi effects is that you get some many different sounds which you'd never take a chance on other ways - for instance Octave - drops a note much deeper behind each one you play, it's like a Bass playing perfectly along with you, it adds beef and power to a distorted sound Harmonizer - the exact tonal oppos
  3. Hi Guys, The selector switch on my ebony sg standard is starting to play up, switching to the treble position sometimes causes complete silence, giving the switch a vicious flick with the pleck causes it to crickle back to life again. I've no (hardly any at all) experience with electronics, a similar thing occurred to the 5-way on my fender squire strat (oddly also to the bridge pickup position), I did a quick fix by just bending the contacts back again giving them a little more elasticity. But it was never really 100% and I don't want to f@ck around with it if you know what I mean.
  4. this just comes off the back of swleary's thread about effects. I just use Boss, almost always, but sold all my pedals awhile back to get the Boss ME50... which I liked a lot. I sold that a little later to get the ME70 (...what happened to the ME60?... look, it's not important) mainly to get Octave back (bow Bow bow BooOOoOw - f()uk yah!) All in all I'm happy, but it's been so long now I can't remember what the individual stomp boxes were like. Mainly what I'm asking is: IS there much difference between stomp boxes and their mother companies multi-effects pedals? (in my boy
  5. My link Brilliant guitarist, I've learnt (and tried and failed) to learn many of his tunes.
  6. Not quite what you're asking for, but I recommend the software "Guitar Pro", it's tablature that's read by the software that you can play along to, watch the finger positions on the fretboard, slow down, repeat sections, you can even convert it to Piano Sheet music and watch the notes on a keyboard. Once you've got guitar pro, you can download for free all manner of Guitar Pro Tabs (specially written for the software) from sites like Ultimate Guitar for free, you can assess for yourself if they're professional/accuracy by listening to them.
  7. did anyone ever read "chairman moo - the news cow" - that was pi$$ my pants funny, but seamed to drift away, but after checking seems to be drifting back in that drifty way of the internet
  8. Not many people really appriciate how important Nirvana and Nevermind were to popular culture, people forget before Nirvana, the coolest looking people in rock at the time were fvcking Guns UNNNN Roses. They looked like a bunch of fvucking gay pirates But Nirvana brought back to the world the effortless natural cool, to music and to style. If it wasn't for them it'd still be all pouting, posturing and back combing. BUNCH OF ARSE
  9. I know you said one, but I can't decide (and I have tried) between... and
  10. WOAH! Man I'm pleased I asked that question, there's some top contributions there. It's 12:30 lazin on a Sundaaaaaaay afternoon (to misquote Ray Davis) the Mrs and kids have gone out so I thought I'd get around to listening to some of these recommendations. The stand outs for me so far are EARLY MAN Alamaailman Vasarat http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnGBa8dVm6k GRAVEYARD are fncuking brilliant! Never heard em before, I've already sent that link to all the music people I know, they're going to love it. I've also realised that I don't think I can ever truly love, wit
  11. hellya! Tool are/were fantastic what about A Perfect Circle?
  12. ANyone? I just ask because i'm always after new bands and styles to get into, and am always happy to get recommendation. You can't have a post of "new songs I like" which is going to please everyone, but if anyone's got any links to bands or songs which might be touring sometime soon and sound good, then I'm ALWAYS happy to spend three and a half minutes giving it a try. (not a second more though) If it's good it's good, from blues, jazz, rock, pop, metal, hardcore - ANYTHING. To start things off, a black/death metal band from the UK I picked up from Youtube from an Akercoke l
  13. you stole my god dam question, GrRrRrRR FEEL MY RATH!!!... like it? no... didn't think so. But yeah, my point, and in general I think people agreed when I posted. Most people think low action is the way to go, but for me, the highest the action can go without making the tips of your fingers bleed is the way forward.
  14. But SHIRLEY not as ugly as the Parker Fly Deluxe!?!? For me, I look at the body and go URGH F*uck me that's sh!t, but, hmmm maybe in a certain light, you could get away with... then my eye drifts up to the head stock and F*CUKING nO! my god NOOOO! It's like the reveal shot in Don't Look Now with the dwarf in the red raincoat (if you've not seen the film that's a poor reference - I'm sorry)
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