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  1. Ted was “obnoxious, vulgar and self absorbed” BEFORE he started expressing his political views! It’s an ego thing with Ted. Always has been. With that said, in my opinion, his speed and accuracy on a fretboard were unmatched back in his early days!
  2. My description of a Nugent show! And that was in the 70's! But man what a guitar player! I went to a concert in LA back in the mid 70"s but don't remember who was on the bill. It was at the Colosseum and we were a bit late for the start of the show so we were stuck at the back of the venue. Couldn't hear a thing!!! The only groups i remember hearing anything discernable were Black Oak Arkansas and Seals and Crofts. Again mid 70's, went to see Montrose in Toledo. They played a few songs and then lost all sound for about twenty minutes except for the drummer and he never missed a beat
  3. Wondering how many put up this resistance to a vaccine when they joined a military? How many refused to have there children vaccinated before starting school? When working or visiting overseas? How many have used illicit drugs? Hep-B shots? Yearly Flu shots? Worried about putting something in their body that they don't know about. WTF, have you ever read the ingredients on some of the packaged foods that are sold?
  4. Any do-it-yourselfers interested in making your own pins, inlays etc., I have a few pieces of what I believe to be Ebony if any one is intrested.
  5. Cheap stuff for me and all starting to scatter to the grandkids! One house has a cheap 8 inch Epiphone and a Line6 150 watt 212 combo. Another household has a 40 watt,12 inch Bass practice amp and a 15w Stage Right. At home i have a Marshall DSL 40C, a 75watt Line6 Spider Jam and a Hughs and Kettner 5 watt head. I made a plate with a jack and switch that i installed on both of the Line 6 amps, bypassing everything, to be used as cabinets for the H&K. Works well! Mainly use the Line6 Spider as 95% of my music mutilation is with headphones and it has a bunch of drum tracks b
  6. Are you actually asking Chris to avoid politics on this forum?
  7. I was watching the Bermuda Philharmonic Orchestra when the guy on the triangle disappeared,
  8. Wife was upstairs working for a few hours when she yelled down, “ Honey, do you ever get a real bad stabbing pain in your back while just sitting there doing nothing like a voodoo doll?” I yelled back “no honey”. A few minutes later she yelled down “How about now”!!!!
  9. He asked the scientists to look into it, possibly by injection. Exaggeration maybe but not a lie.
  10. Over the last several years, common sense seems to have left the building!
  11. When it comes to scientific stuff, I would rather follow the advice of a scientist than politicians like Rand Paul. Got a notice in the mail from my local auto repair shop that I was overdue for my 30,000 note fretboard oil change. After that I have to take my mower down to the bakery for repair. I can’t seem to do doughnuts anymore.
  12. Welcome back DanvillRob! Glad to see your still kicking!
  13. Really? You are criticizing the guy's drumming ability??? I score the guy a 10 just for his ambition and the way he is pursuing his apparent dream of playing drums. Not everyone has a Guitar Center near by nor a thousand bucks in their pocket for twenty toms and fifty cymbals! Do you have any poor kids in the school you are at that can't afford a guitar or drum set? I can imagine how you would critique the poor kid who wants to play guitar so bad that he makes his own instrument and doesn't instantly sound like Slash! I'm not offended either, just annoyed at your l
  14. I asked my daughter for the phone book. She laughed for a bit then called me a dinosaur before handing me her smartphone. Well the spider is dead and her phone is now broken. She’s pissed!
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