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  1. Saw them when they opened for Queen in 75'. I remember being awed at how good they were!
  2. Had campers for many years but sold ours last fall. All my kids have fairly large ones so we go with them now. About thirty years ago my wife's sister and her husband bought 30 acres near Rugby, TN. Just down the road i bought 9 acres. The plan was to start a campground on the large tract and build a couple houses to live in on the small one. Not too long after getting things going, he was transferred from Ohio to North Carolina and things just fell apart after that unfortunately. They sold their acreage but i kept ours and we used it for camping trips for anyone that wanted to go. As i recall
  3. Here we go again. You guys need to be careful. You know the CIA, FBI, NSA, ICE and the Pillsbury Dough Boy are going through our emails as we speak, spying on our every post.
  4. My father's side came from Normandy, France in the mid 1600’s. Made it to Detroit in late 1600’s. Population of Detroit then was about 200 not including Indians! Mother’s side was from Germany immigrating around the early 1800’s. I was told my coat of arms ties in the back!
  5. Don’t forget to pass it around! See you when you get back (again) Sarge!
  6. He clamped it. Broke it trying to remove it. There is no way Gibson will warranty this. Maybe have a little luck with the county’s distributor but he’s screwed. Not because of the holiday or the virus. His email was 5 days before the holiday. I also find it hard to believe that one out of six people in this country left town for the holiday. Actually that might be correct as anyone in the city I live in has to leave town just to go to a grocery store.
  7. I have issues with beer, horses, pickup trucks, some women, and love. Please don't post these song subjects anymore as i will be offended by the message they represent. The Stop is broke on my Stop/Play button.
  8. The political hypocrisy is killing me anymore. I used to laugh at it but now just wow! We now have politicians calling for the removal of the female athlete that turned her shoulder to the flag from the US team. Beating cops with American flags is ok though. Just a normal visitors day at the capital right? (Said the guy that helped barricade the door!LOL!) Religion anymore is just as bad. Common sense is no longer a thing. Oh wait using your head to understand something is now being woke! Believe what we tell you and nothing else! Bring back religion to schools but you can only practice our
  9. Yes that top is WICKED!
  10. Made a trip down I-75 through Ohio to Tennessee yesterday and then back today. Really thick from around Dayton to Florence Ky. I recommend keeping your washer fluid full!
  11. Adjustable steel roller skates that strapped to the bottom of your shoes. Separate the wheels, nail them to a piece of wood and you have yourself a 1960's skate board! Did you know that you can launch a 55 gallon drum 50 feet into the air by filling a surgical glove with acetylene and taping a fuse to it? Put the drum on it, light the fuse and run! In the sixties, most Woolworths or five and dime stores sold fuse, little rocket engines, fuel etc. AND there was no age limit! The good old days!
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