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  1. Agreed. A couple well placed splines would not hurt.
  2. Agree that hydration is a big factor in some vertigo issues. Just before Christmas i had the opportunity to stay at one of our local all inclusive 5 star luxury resorts for 4 days. The Swedish ones with the big red crosses on them. After returning home, food and water going into my belly was sparse! After two days at home i went to get out of bed but couldn't find level. The only thing telling me what horizontal was were my eyes. Now THAT was a fun walk to the bathroom!!! Kind of like being the ball in a life size pinball machine!!! Called my private nurse (daughter) and she said in my case it was more than likely dehydration. She was right. After forcing down a few glasses of water it passed gradually. Stay hydrated but don't take it lightly. See a doctor Mr. G just in case it could be something more serious. Oh and the Swedish suck at cooking!
  3. Imagine that! Politicians not listening to scientists! Who on earth would back these people that won't lend an ear to science?
  4. Hate is not bound by date.
  5. Thank you very much Sparquelito! Looks like i was in the ballpark. The second guessing on this one was bugging the heck out of me!
  6. Cleaning out the closet, I am selling a few guitars. As usual I looked on the net for current prices but I can't find any 2015 LP special double cuts in TV Yellow. I do recall previous discussions on the demand for the TV Yellow but didn't think it applied as much to the 2015's. In fact I was expecting to find a bunch of them. I didn't think many liked that years specs. I like the wider neck and my plan was to swap the nut and bridge and respace the strings accordingly but never got around to it and honestly probably never will so we have to part ways. I posted it today for $750 but i am having some serious second thoughts about the price. Are these still that much in demand or did I miss the video "2015 lp special vs Bulldozer"?😁
  7. Here’s how you do it. Plant crops. Let the cows in. They eat all your crops. Use the lost crops as a tax write off. Not only did they eat all your crops they pooped all over the place and devalued the land. Plow the land and get a tax write off for remediating the pollution and repeat next year! Never pay taxes again! Might work!😁
  8. “A privilege of banks alone”! Yea, banks suck! Like loaning a neighbor your lawnmower. It’s still yours but they are using it in their yard to cut whatever they want! You can only hope they give it it back when you ask for it! Or even worse, they file lawnmower bankruptcy! They return it broken with no value😁
  9. We are about 180 degrees apart Jaxson! I see the stimulus money to big corporations as an outright bailout as it will not be repaid. On the other hand the GM loans were just that, loans. In exchange for the the loans we received equity in the company. Just like a loan on a house or a bankruptcy at GC. The bank owns it until they get their money back. Repaid to whom? It was repaid to the entity that loaned it to them, us! Should we have loaned it to them? Debatable yes. I personally thought it was the right move at the time. My outrage was more focused on the greedy rich bastards trying to get richer that created the whole mess in the first place! When the bank loans YOUR money in a savings account to a struggling company do you expect a cut of the 15% interest they charge or equity in the company, other than the 0.8% they give you?
  10. A few big banks with their creative financing caused the housing and stock market crisis and people stopped buying cars. This in turn caused GM to tank, not the CEO. Did the taxpayers get a personal dividend check deposited in their accounts? No. I believe all monies borrowed were paid back though. How is this any different than today? Big corporations begging for taxpayer money during a pandemic crisis. For some reason it's ok now? Billionaires and big banks new what was coming in 2008 because they created it. Was it a coincidence Bush suggested we invest SSI money in the stock market just before the crash?
  11. As BBP said, Yes. So many variables though. Density, size, type, etc. Take a broomstick and attach a string to it (i made mine tunable!). notice the sound plucking the string by itself. Now lay the broomstick on a cardboard box and pluck again. Notice the difference in sound. Now lay the stick on a piece of wood and try it again. Continue with different materials and notice the differences in tone. Although you have not changed the stick and string, the tone changes with different materials. It may have a different tone using two separate pieces of the same type of wood although not real noticeable but it's there. Same with nut materials. In my adventures i found that the softer the material the duller the sound. The harder the material, the pingy-er the sound. Just have to find the right material that suites your ears. Good vibrations and body gyrations and POOF your a performer! I know not of what i speak, just my opinion😉
  12. I believe that big gun is at Fort Sill's artillery museum. Cool place to visit.
  13. Retired 3 years ago with 18 years in the government. Last 3 years was a desk job. Whenever anyone walked into my office and asked what i was doing my reply would always be "practicing for retirement"! Retired 4 days after turning 62. The door never had a chance to hit me in the a$$!
  14. I bought a Trump branded smoke alarm. It won’t go off in a fire because it doesn’t want me to panic.
  15. Nope. There was no attempt to hide the glue. You can see it on the inside.😁
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