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  1. Cheesecake and Taco bake All bets are off I said we're on lock down But "HA" they did scoff Cherries and red stuff All slathered on top Nothing i said Would get them to stop They came by in droves In line one by one They took and took more Until there was none Please don't be sad Or cry i deplore I got some good whiffs As they went out the door
  2. Part of my grandaughter's herd. She has a Husky and two more cats. All rescues except for the Lab which they picked up in Nashville just before the latest storms.
  3. Stuck with humans for three weeks!
  4. I"m retired so i can"t afford any new gear. So i went ahead and bought one! I can"t get over how good this amp sounds for 200 bucks. As a "too good too be true deal", i will turn my head every time i turn it on expecting it to explode or something! Until then this is my new favorite toy. After doing a little research i found that this is supposedly a repackaged Laney Cub 12R. A few pics were posted showing the guts of both and they looked pretty much the same. Now the pics were posted a few years ago so not sure how accurate the info is. Thanks mihcmac! by the way my cats are going to be pissed now that they have to share their food for the rest of the month๐Ÿ˜
  5. Hey, my name is Gary! The wife and i are going to have a little talk when she gets home!
  6. Looks like typical wood grain lines. No flaws that i can see.
  7. The Moderators usually tend to the spam stuff fairly quickly but since the forum change i'm not sure how they are notified.
  8. Edit. I missed the and/or part. Thought i had one. Disregard. Check W.W. Graingers for an on/on/on toggle switch. They may have what you need.
  9. As Rabs mentioned, a little too much white.
  10. The report feature doesn't seem to work.
  11. 2011 is about the time i bought mine. Guitar Center had a stack of them at the front door for $90 each. Took one home and gave it a good once over. After finding what it was made out of i went back the next day and bought a few more!
  12. I prefer the natural wood look plus i thought it was a little too soon to mention veneer or photoflame!
  13. If the description lists it as mahogany, this is more than likely what is under the 1/4 inch thick Poly finish. After changing out the tuners, pots and jack these are great guitars! The other is a 10 dollar pawn shop First Act guitar. Basswood i believe. Still have some work to do on that one.
  14. REVOLUTION SIX must be mad at a moderator!
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