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  1. I've got some serious GAS for that guitar . Wonder if the wife would let me trade in my Studio she bought me last year
  2. roxymusic


    What a beautiful guitar i love Ebony L.P's, HNGD
  3. Thanks for posting Flight, that was puredeadbrillant
  4. Roxy Music was my brother's favourite band he past away quite young (cancer) so its for him
  5. Thats one beautiful guitar
  6. My favorite early Stones song has got to be Paint it Black
  7. That's one beautiful guitar I like the Ebony finish on L,P's
  8. I have just dinged my one and only Les Paul at the top of the headstock was playing 'sunshine of your love' to the wife and I hit the wall
  9. Matt, thanks for posting this I thought it was Brill'
  10. I love the look of this guitar very unusual
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krzbFHY_QKQ&feature=player_detailpage :)
  12. My one and only Gibson was bought brand new by my wife :lol:
  13. Don't really mind as long as they ask and are careful with them, it seems to sound different when somebody else plays YOUR guitar.
  14. Don't know about average person, I've got three and one of them just hangs on the wall :D
  15. roxymusic

    Guitar Guitar

    They had given me the paper work check list for a cherry red studio with gold hardware and I've got a Ebony studio with chrome hardware
  16. roxymusic

    Guitar Guitar

    I have used guitar guitar in Glasgow and apart from the wrong paperwork for my new L.P.Studio they have been great.
  17. Thanks for posting this i'm trying to learn it
  18. Sorry to hear of the loss of your beloved cat our cat (Roxy) died 3 years ago just before christmas I still miss her very much
  19. I will be going to see ghost rider......I love that motorbike of his
  20. CB That is a beautiful Les Paul.....CB.
  21. My wife asked me to play her something on my guitar the other night she then put the lights out and said can you still play, it felt really strange playing a guitar in the dark :unsure:
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