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  1. Hey James!! If you look at little further down you'll see my thread. I bought the same guitar from the same place. I'm really really happy with mine. Glad to see someone else jumped on the great deal. Skizz
  2. Skizz

    AJ 500M

    Got her on Monday. An absolutely beautiful guitar and it has an incredible voice. A trifle bright but I think that might be solved with a change of strings and over the years as the spruce matures. First impression though is very very good.
  3. Skizz

    AJ 500M

    Calico, I've checked the epiphone website and it recommends 12s. I was thinking D'addrio phospher bronze or elixer nanowebs 12s. Any advice in terms of gauge and string type? (thats really aimed at all masterbilt owners)
  4. Skizz

    AJ 500M

    Ok. I've gone ahead and ordered it. Just got to wait for it to arrive. I'm really excited. I'll post my intial thoughts on the guitar when I get it. Thanks for the advice!!
  5. Skizz

    AJ 500M

    I've been looking for a guitar that will last me for about the next ten years. I've been looking for a solid wood guitar (on a very low budget). I've done quite alot of research on the Masterbilt line and a local guitar store is having a sale and a AJ500M VS is going for €200 (around $325).I've read some problems about bridges coming loose and bowing tops while also reading about the excellent tone. So the question is to buy or not to buy?
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