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  1. Didn't see this posted yet. Thought everyone would be interested. It's part one of a three part interview. Haven't watched it yet, but supposedly he talks about why he left Gibson. Enjoy! ~Josh
  2. I've heard good things about the Fishman Infinity Matrix. I've recently acquired a J-45 TV myself...I can't decide if I want to add a pickup or not.
  3. If you find yourself in the Birmingham area, Bailey Brothers on hwy 280 is great. Great variety of Gibson models and very knowledgable staff. Also, if you go through Panama City, FL, check out Leitz Music. Not as much variety, but still a fun store with good people. The Ryman theatre in Nashville is a great place to visit. A lot of history has walked across that stage. Enjoy the trip, sounds like some quality family time.
  4. Congratulations man. I spent about an hour in Bailey Bros playing that guitar last week. It's a fine instrument.
  5. I completely agree with this. The seller shouldn't have an issue with you wanting to play it first. If it doesn't grab you, then let it go. That way you aren't left wondering about what could've been. Good luck! Looking forward to your NGD pics
  6. Went to the guitar shop and spent about an hour with it the week before. I kept thinking about it. It came home with me the following week (once I had the wife's approval)! Since the sticker price was a good bit higher than what was in my pocket, I was prepared to walk disappointed and empty handed. Just glad I didn't have to
  7. I bought a new Hummingbird about a month ago for exactly this (plus tax). I walked in the store with $2500 in cash and didn't intend to leave without a bird. If you find one you like you can definitely haggle with them a bit. Good luck, it's a fine guitar!
  8. I'm lucky enough to have Bailey Bros., a 5-star dealer, 15min from the house. I've only bought guitars there. Great selection and a great staff. Not opposed to other places, just haven't needed to go anywhere else...
  9. Mine has a bone nut and bone pins. I haven't noticed a change on the bass response at all. As far as the strings go, I am still experimenting. I am currently using d'addario exp lights, which I like. Would like to try some DR sunbeams in the future though.
  10. His goal in life was to be an echo, the type of sound that floats around and back down like a feather.

  11. There is obviously a lot of respect for Ren Ferguson on this board (and every other acoustic guitar board for that matter). I would love to know what people thought about him when he first came to Gibson. Was he already regarded as a great luthier who would restore Gibson acoustics to their former glory, or was he an unknown who built his reputation up while there? Also as a side note, who has taken his place since he retired?
  12. Praise and worahip music can often seem formulaic and trite. I think the issue is that it is meant to be accessible to everyone. The musicality takes a backseat to the message in an effort to lead people into an encounter with God. With that being said, there are some Christian bands out there now putting together some amazingly creative music. I can't get enough of this song right now (Warning: Norlin Era Hummingbird inside): http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=t0_Entq0GBo
  13. There was a J45 purevoice and a TV side by side at my local guitar shop this week. I opted to play the TV, but was curious about the purevoice. I hadn't heard of it. Is it a basically a J45 with a souped up pickup system?
  14. Thanks for all the kind words, and yes I am very lucky to have latched on to such an amazing woman as a wife (Lord knows she smarter and better looking than I am). I love this guitar. The tone is just phenomenal; it makes the old Yamaha I have been playing sound stale. One thing that surprised me is the smell. You can't beat that new guitar smell that rushes out the first time you open the case!
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