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  1. I've installed thicker strings to have one lower tuned guitar. Looking at the instructions there is no "press this 3 times, press this 2 times" style directions for C standard. Can someone walk me through it?
  2. This Epiphone was supposed to be a stop gap for installing a 1959 P90 pickup/harness etc. I was going to get a real Gibson to put the electronics in. But after hearing it in action... Listen to the end for a description of what the upgrades were along with the chain/setup/mic etc. I can hear a little intonation issue from a high nut but that's easily fixed.
  3. Late 60's mini humbuckers also had that sticker. They were not true PAF's. Then again they were 7.7 k, unlike mine. So hope exists!
  4. Thanks. Good read. Not much specifics though. Bump!
  5. I just purchased this recently for $70. The bottom of the pole peices and the legs the screws attach to were snipped off. Presumably to fit in a shallow body. So previously the pole peices were longer. It's rated at 6.3k. It's got the remains of PAF sticker. I can see wooden spacers inside. According to the PAF info website, there were real PAF mini humbuckers put in Epiphones in 61 and 62. So obviously I'm hoping its those early ones but chances are slim.
  6. Awesome! Thanks, I'll screw like over never screwed before.
  7. This is a year 2000 Gibson SG Gothic. I tried to remove the pickguard to see what pickups are installed and could not. When I removed all screws the retaining bushings are bigger than the holes for the plastic pickguard. As if they were hammered in to compression fit when the pickguard is in place? So this is a first for me. Perhaps someone knows a technique to not crack the plastic when removing it? Also: this fretboard looks like real Ebony. It sounds/feels like it too. Were they using real Ebony 16 years ago on the Gothic range? I know they are using an alternative wood
  8. I'm putting together a Les Paul harness using 50's centralab pots and a pair of .039 vintage bumblebee caps. The volume pots are 500k and the tone pots are 250k. On paper what difference would I hear vs a much more expensive setup using the holy grail .022 bumblebees/matched pots? I have a handful of other values. What value is good for a tele?
  9. OK: So I'll be putting the Screaming Demon in the DOT neck and the Tarback in the Dot bridge. Can someone link a wiring diagram for: 3 way switch 1 push pull volume pot 1 tone pot? So I can split the coils? Also, one coil is reading 5.22K and the other 2.59K for a total 7.81K. I thought they would have been halved...STUPID question time: When I split the coil...Erm....How do I know I get the right side? haha
  10. I'm a little hesitant now...I'm thinking will the LP and Dot sound too similar for recording if both have a Detroiter in the bridge? Now I'm thinking I should put the tarback in the bridge of the DOT to make it more squirrely if I need that twang/split. I think I'm going to put the other Detroiter in my Kramers bridge which I don't track that much ryth with, so now I'll have the clarity of the detroiter in a shredder for solos with a whammy and for the classic LP bridge chunk (best of both worlds). The way I look at it: How often am I going to use the neck pickup of the DOT on an
  11. I have two guitars that I can put a 70's Gibson tarback pickup in the neck of and I am slightly torn on which one I should put it in. I am leaning towards the Epi Dot, because I would be interested in the split of the coils for country cleans and fuzz with the semi body. I'm going for a Queens of the Stonage sound with the Dot. Or should I put it in the neck of a Les Paul style guitar (Electra)? I'll be honest: I'm not a fan of the idea of split coils in a Les Paul, but I've never owned one that had that option so what do I know? The bridge pickups in both will be vintage sty
  12. Rough mix of a new track from tOCK: http://t.co/zXTu0DT9 Sneak peak at "the ballad" of the album.

  13. For people who missed tOCK on the radio, you can listen here: Bonus we were played back to back with Man in a nice... http://t.co/Jd236Zcl

  14. tOCK will be on Radio Wales in a few hours time: The show starts at 10pm UK time (5pm USA eastern) on BBC Radio... http://t.co/US2tuxWv

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