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  1. I'll concur with the masses. It's a SG-90. A friend of mine had a white one for a while.
  2. The two screws behind the posts will help you set the intonation. It may be tough to get the intonation exact on every string and fret but you should be able to get close enough (for rock n roll!)
  3. I am a pack rat by nature and tend to lean towards to the "never sell anything" side. But as others have said, it sounds like your head is in the right place about selling this and you are correct that you can always get another ES-335 if you choose. If there's no sentimental connection and you're willing to let it go, then let it go to someone who will enjoy it. I agree with LPdeluxe " Accumulation is no virtue. What you do with what you have is what counts" And I struggle constantly with that concept.
  4. This appears to be a Les Paul Studio Lite as it has 2 of the skinny pickups. I've not actually ever heard of a Les Paul Lite Pro II. There was a Junior Pro made in 1988 that had just one of the skinny pickups in the bridge position. And there was a Studio Lite with M-III electronics. So maybe there is some confusion on the internet and there is some melding of the names of the different models. But this appears to be the early version of the Les Paul Studio Lite. The pickups where changed in 1991 to regular humbucking (full sized) pickups and also trapazoid inlays. So the majority of the
  5. I have Belkin Tune Talk mic for the Ipod. It's great for getting ideas down before they leave your head. And the files are automatically in your Ipod then so you don't have to download them to the computer to load up to your Ipod. Very convienent and user friendly.
  6. It is inf fact a chromite center block. The ES-135 I've played sounded great. And it was with the P-100's (which I'm not a big fan of). I'll bet the ones with 57 Classics sound fantastic. Nice score!
  7. I love thrift shops too. The ones around Nashville can sometimes have cool music equipment but naturally it doesn't stick around too long if it's really neat. There are so many musicians in this town that the nice stuff gets swiped up fast. But I've scored an organ and a keyboard from the thrift shops around here. I don't see many guitars in the thrift shops around here but the ones I do aren't worth buying. I like to check out the books they have too. Among all the dieting/fitness books, bibles, and romance novels I can usually find some cool history books.
  8. The Les Paul Studio Lite was made from 1987 to 1998. It was orignally available in Alpine White or nuclear yellow finish. Production totals are not available unfortunately. Regarding value, my best suggestion is to check the Blue Book of guitars or a vintage/used instrument dealer.
  9. Celebration- Kool and The Gang - 45 I wish it was something cool but honestly that is the first piece of music I remember buying with my own money. I "borrowed" many Eagles and Elton John tapes and 45's from my older sister but Kool in the Gang was my first purchase. Neither ashamed nor proud.
  10. Nice looking guitar!! And no you're not crazy, at least not for buying this guitar!
  11. If you want get a guitar with P-90's I don't think you could find a better deal than this. I say jump on it! P-90's AND a Gold Top? sounds like a winner to me.
  12. The block inlay was used on the Hummingbirds from 1971-1983 (returned to double parallelogram as KilgoreTrout mentioned). Is it possible that 5th digit in the serial number is actually a "8" and not a "3"? Sometimes the serial numbers are stamped lightly and can be misread. Either that or perhaps the neck has been refinished and the serial number reapplied by someone who misread the original serial number. Those are the only two scenarios I can think of that would explain the serial number as there was not an 8 digit serial number scheme in 1973.
  13. I don't have a Melody Maker myself but you should be able to use the Bigsby B5 model (also known as the Horseshoe model). I think that would be the best model Bigsby for a Melody Maker. http://www.bigsbyguitars.com/vibe/?page_id=118 Good luck and post some pictures when you're done.
  14. I'm not afraid to admit these but as someone else said, I don't exactly go around bragging about them either. I'm a sucker for a good melody no matter where it comes from. Off the top of my head here are but just a few that are in my Ipod. -Toxic - Britany Spears -Beautiful - Christina Aguilera -You're Beautiful - James Blunt -Freedom - George Michael (not the Wham song... although I kinda like that one too...)
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