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  1. I think the first thing you have to look at is how straight you can adjust the neck. If the frets are level and you can set it as straight as an arrow, then you can lower the action some without buzzing. Also adding relief to the neck for most is a given, but I think you lose some tone quality's with to much relief. For my SG I have the neck as straight as I can get it by sighting down the neck. My action on both the E, e are 3/64" on the 12th fret. But I've also lowered the nut just a bit as well.
  2. Here's a photo of my baby. I actually painted it myself and dropped in a burstbucker pro in the neck position.
  3. Thanks man! I've actually noticed that the bridge pickup doesn't putout the same amount of volume as the neck. So after searching around and getting some advice on a replacement I decided to get a Gibson Burst bucker pro. Man does thing have balls! My P490 in the neck just can't keep up with it though, even if I adjust the pickup height. Anyway, here's a shot with it.
  4. I can't say I like either color. If it were another brand like Ibanez or Jackson I'd feel differently.
  5. I have the Shaller roller bridge as well. Since it has a 14" radius it's slightly flatter then the SG's 12" fingerboard. Which is just where you want to be. Like Ruud said, I'd inspect the nut if your having problems staying in tune. Most tuning problems are caused by the nut slot pinching a string.
  6. Luden

    side-jack SGs

    That's a much better jack placement compared to the front like most of us have. It's not that big of a deal, but I'd prefer a jack on the side rather then the front. Nice looking axe by the way.
  7. Thanks! I've checked out Stewart-MacDonalds site after reading about it in a guitar repair book. They even carry tools that most of us have to make ourselves like fret board radius gauges. About the P-90 pickups, I can't say that I've found them to be muddy. Compared to the guitars I've had before they sound fantastic. Even compared to a PRS that had before selling it. Then again I only play through a small practice amp made by Vox.
  8. When it comes to your bridge I'd start off by raising it till you can play through out the neck with little or no buzzing. But that also depends on how straight your neck is. Try measuring from the 12th fret top to the bottom of the E string. Let's say 3/64" feels good. Then use the same measurement on the e. Right now I'm using 3/64" which is pretty low. But I have a light touch. If your playing metal you might be better off with maybe 4 or 5/64".
  9. Thanks! I was kinda nervous since it was my first try. Practiceing on scrap is usually a good idea when it comes to something like this. But since I've already replaced and shaped the nut myself, I was feeling pretty confident. I also figured out how to smooth out the clear coat using compound bars.
  10. It all depends on what you play. I know a lot jazz and fast country pickers prefer a light gauge.
  11. I've gone from a 9-46 guage after some reading about the guage size players like Albert King and BB King use. Yeah, I play mostly blues.. I found that with a 11-54 the strings don't deflect as much and stand up better to pick attacks. You just gotta build your fingers up gradually to avoid split nails, etc. Looking back, I find the larger gauge easier to play on, even when it comes to fast stuff like arpeggios.
  12. Thanks, I'm pretty happy with the results considering it was my first time doing this:)
  13. Thanks. I should of removed everything but the jobs already complete. I do regret not using a wood filler, but the surface turned out pretty smooth since I sanded between the lacquer coats. Maybe ill buff the surface to smooth it out, but i'm not sure what to use.
  14. Here's a few pictures of my progress. Thanks for the tips guys! I sanded down the shellac then started with my first stain. Gave it three top coats then sanded it level. I think ill stain the back and sides darker and fade it out around the pick guard. Man this is a lot of work staining by hand..
  15. Wow! That's a great finish. But since I paid almost 40.00 of these water based dyes I'd like to use them. Also I was told the lacquer should be water based. So I picked up some MINWAX water-based polycyclic I could I use this as . Could I use this instead for a top coat? I'd like to separate the lighter colors of the sunburst.
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