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    acoustic guitar, writing, going to concerts
  1. Hi girl

    saw you visited my profile not long ago. You ever going to show us your J-200 ?

  2. I love Django Reinhardt! The best country swing and gypsy jazz ever! I knew some ladies in Fremont CA who used to do his music.
  3. I'm terrible aren't I? I guess I should learn how to do more than just play the guitar.

    How do I post pictures?

  4. That's a start, now you just need to introduce yourself in the acoustic forum

  5. Hi Felicity, welcome to the acoustic forum. Congratulations on your J-200. How about some pictures of your new guitar?

  6. I just bought a new guitar! Got me a J-200 Studio and it's got a great sound. Everybody seems to want rosewood but I like the sound of the maple better. I guess I'm just wierd.

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