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  1. Hi everyone, looking for some advice, i have just brought my first elec guitar, a very nice (even if i do say so myself) mint 1992 Gibson ES Lucille. I also have an acoustic which i play through a Fender Acoustasonic Junior DSP Combo Amp and was going to use that amp, i should say i only play for pleasure, not a pro or anything but i like good quality sound, the Fender is a solid state, and a great sound with the acoustic, but almost everyone i have spoken to says i would get much better sound from the Gibson using a different amp, maybe valve? I dont know much at all about elec guitar amps, any advice, ideas, suggestions welcomed. Thanks so much Cheers Wayne
  2. Awesome guys, thanks so much, one of the things i was a little concerned bout way maybe needing to change the pots given they have never been used in 20 years. Cheers
  3. Hi there New to the site, have been mucking around with guitars most of my life, have finaly got myself a Gibson, just purchased a 1992 ES Lucille in mint condition, was part of a collection and has purportedly never been played. Looking for any advise interms of anything i should be checking/testing due to never have being played. Appreciate any help. Cheers
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