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  1. "Modded" my Iommi g400 a couple days ago by swapping out the stock Iommi pups for some more traditional PAFs. I know..I know..why would ANYONE mod a signature guitar, right?! Well, dont get me wrong, I LOVE Sabbath and Tony's tone and all that but those Iommi pups were rather dark for my tastes and not very versatile. Anywhoo..I plan on keeping the guitar anyway since not everyone has a 24 fret SG lying around. But the PAFs I put in are freaking nice..I got a set of "Prodigy" bronze medallion PAFs for $50 off ebay. Yes, you heard me....$50 for the set. I wasn't sure what to expect with them as I tend to equate price with quality like most but these are better sounding than the $300+ Gibson Iommi's at least to my ear. Also, they look pretty sweet on the all blacked out guitar IMO...
  2. samiam

    Pics at last.

    Whoa...very nice dude
  3. OK fellas, got the Orville LPC back from the repair shop (with new nut, toggle switch, strings, and set-up) and had a little over a week to settle in with it. During the overnight trial I thought new pickups would be the first things to buy for it but after playing around with the settings on my amp/pedals I found the stock pups (jap PAFs) to be more than adequate. I not a wiring expert but everything looks OK inside the cavity. I love the low-friction pots (they turn sooo easy) but wish the tone controls were a little more responsive...not sure if that warrants an entire wiring replacement at this point though. The neck feel solid, thickness its a little more than the V I traded for it but not a baseball bat either. Frets have minimal wear for being 20yrs old and action is perfect..zero fret buzz or dead spots on bends. Tuners are made in japan (could be gotoh?), must be 18:1 or something, and haven't had any issue with keeping it in tune. Other than trying a variety of tunings and putting some strap locks on it, I cant think of anything I'd improve to it yet (still in honeymoon phase Im sure)...well, it needs a case so that's probably on the short list of purchases I guess. So do I miss my V? Sure, I guess. Do I regret the trade? Nope, if I had unlimited funds, I would've bought the LPC versus doing a trade but I can tell already that I'll be playing the Orville more than V so it's all good and I feel good about the swap. Anywhoo..here's some pics:
  4. How much does it weigh? I have the '92 Orville black beauty shown in another thread (non-chambered, 10.4 lbs)..granted it's made by a different company but was curious on the weight differences between the two.
  5. Ya, problem is this one just felt real good from the get go! I'm probably rationalizing to a point but the LPC fills a bit of nostalgia for me as my very first electric guitar was a knockoff LP black beauty, not nearly as nice as this one but with the same vibe. Anyways, I spoke with the owner this morning and said he loves the V (no surprise) and I told him my concerns with the nut (and a intermittent toggle switch which I also discovered) and told him I'd like to take it to a luthier in town to see what would be involved in fixing the issues before making a decision. Said luthier tried filing the nut to no avail then concedes a new bone nut is probably the best bet versus filling/refiling the original (and also recommends a new switch too) for $140. I call the owner with the update and he finally agreed to pick up the repair tab if we went thru with the trade. Long story short, I'll pick up my new Orville in about a week and post some picks.
  6. Sooo...interesting development since I last posted here. The Orville owner got in contact with me and brought up the trade idea again (I assume his other deal fell through, whatever). We ended up agreeing to take each others guitar home for the weekend and try them out before going ahead with a trade or anything. OK, so I've been playing his for an hour or so and am really impressed..first with how friggin heavy it is (10.4 lbs according to my bathroom scale) and second the overall feel/quality for being a "k serial" Orville which are supposedly the lower grade of the Orville/Orville by Gibson guitars. I've only played a couple Gibson LP studios in a guitar store but this seems to feel better than those (with the understanding they probably were not set up either). Even with the non-Gibson pups, it sounds great through my rig. It does has a few beauty marks here and there but for being 20yrs old, its it exceptionally fine shape. So here's the kicker..as I was playing I notice the D string nut looks like it has been filed too wide and has some play with allows the string to move during bends and causes a noticeable 'plink' sound. It's enough to feel and be annoying but not really enough to hear with any amount of gain, and is barely audible on the clean channel unless you are listening for it. Still, I know it would end up bugging me and would have to be remedied. I can't tell if its the original nut or not but I would hate to do the trade and then have to pay for a nut replacement if a simple repair cant be done. As as dead even trade without the nut issue, I do concede he'd be getting the slightly better deal on the trade but I know I'd play the LP more than the V so I'm OK with that but I'm really on the fence about moving ahead and seeing what the repair would entail (if anybody can give me a idea if there is a cheaper solution than replacing the nut, please chime in) or just squashing the trade altogether.
  7. samiam

    Post your V

    Both the bridge and neck Iommis are hot and very dark, the neck pup actually being the louder of the two. In a way the Iommi set is like a bassier version of the V's 496R/500T set and so I don't have to change my setup's EQ settings when switching between guitars other than the instrument controls. On the SG though I pretty much stick to using the bridge pup alone (with the tone dialed down a bit) or both pups at full tone with distortion and the neck alone or both pups for cleans. I love the set but I can see how they won't be versatile enough for everybody. The only reason I got the SG was to have guitar that I can play while slouching on the couch and now I'm finding myself grabbing it more often than the V!
  8. samiam

    Post your V

    Here's my '07 V and my Epi Iommi SG
  9. Interesting twist today...I replied to a different craigslist ad yesterday for a mesa/boogie amp and it turned out to be from the same guy who was selling the Orville. He said he was still thinking about the trade for the V and maybe swapping pups or something, so I guess the deal could still happen but who knows. I actually pulled out the V and played it a couple hours tonight and remembered why I bought it...it's just fun guitar to rock out with! I had been neglecting it since I picked up a Epiphone SG (Iommi sig) a couple weeks ago and I totally agree with the comments above about Gibson being overpriced for what they are. I mean, the Epi SG goes for about 1/2 what a Gibson standard goes for and I just don't see where all the extra money goes besides the headstock. That being said, there IS something cool about owning a real Gibson so maybe that's enough justification to set their prices where they are at.
  10. Well, the guy got cold feet and said a V (or rather its hot PUP's) wasn't for him so I never got a chance to try his Orville out. There were some really valid points brought up in here on both sides so in the end it was probably for the best. I'd love to have a LP but there's no way I would ever be able to afford (or justify, ha) a custom so thought this might be a route worth considering. Also I just picked up a Epiphone SG last week so I might sell both of those for a true Gibson LP down the road.
  11. I appreciate all the responses so far. Just to be clear the lpc is an orville, not the orville by Gibson. It was made in the terada factory and most likely has the Japanese pup's rather than the real Gibson ones that normally are installed in the orville by Gibson guitars. Also I'm not as stuck on the name on the headstock as I am the overall quality of the instrument. Although resale value does mean something too..
  12. Opinions wanted: A '91 Orville Les Paul Custom was listed today in the local craigslist for $900. The seller is interested in a possible trade for my '07 V (classic white, completely stock with a couple cosmetic flaws here and OHSC). Does this sounds like a fair deal? Not sure what forum would be most appropriate for this so I apologize if this is in the wrong area...
  13. Just scored the Epi today and managed to stop playing long enough to take/post a pic of my toys. I absolutely love the neck on the SG (even though it is a bit heavy and tends to dip when not holding it) and the pickups are very nice as well. Ok...off to go play some War Pigs or something ;)
  14. OK, well I ended up getting the V today even though I still probably ended up paying too much ($800 + SG copy trade-in). See what having a couple bucks and no patience gets you?? But after bringing it home and playing it all night, I feel good about it. The thing is definitely a blast to play (first song on it was 'blackout' btw, ha!). I tried to upload a pic of the crack but this only let me upload one due to their size. The owner assured me that it was a common cosmetic flaw but hearing others on here say the same thing makes me feel better.
  15. Ya, I was curious about the price too..seemed high since you can get a new one for $200-$300 more but the I started watching some ebay auctions within the last month. The non-faded V's were going for right around that price when you include shipping. In your opinion, what would a fair price be? I'm not crazy about ordering online since you don't get to try it out until you buy it.
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