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  1. hi, by mistake i have delete a your comment.. i play jazz modern music, i have a moffa dark lorraine guitar, it's similar a 335 so i wanted a sound more acustic and big... bye

  2. the guitar is this http://imageshack.us/g/31/body3yn.jpg/ what you think about? the paint is original? the guitar was made i 1988

  3. hi, can you suggest me if the paint of my guitar is original or no?

  4. hi jimmy , what do you think about this guitar es 175 of 1988??


    the year...is good or bad for these guitars? thanks a lot, your opinion is very important!

    there is a link where you can see some photos of the guitar

    all the best

  5. i want a very good es 175! help me, but i live in italy...

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