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  1. Hi, my name is Stefano and i have a Gibson Es 175 with this serial number : 81308501. Yesterday i was reading that the gibson until 1989 changed the outer laminates from maple to mahogany. I know that this change was not well received and in the 1991 the maple was reintroduced. I want know if these dates (1989-1991) are correct and if my outer laminate's guitar is maple or mahogany. Thanks a lot. All the best.
  2. ok già avevo fatto questa procedura, ma cmq il battipenna rimane lentino e tende a vibrare sul pickup al ponte...grazie cmq
  3. sulla mia es 175 due pickup sento una vibrazione causata dal battipenna che non appoggia bene sul pick up al ponte...vorrei sapere come devo risolvere questo problema. grazie
  4. hi, by mistake i have delete a your comment.. i play jazz modern music, i have a moffa dark lorraine guitar, it's similar a 335 so i wanted a sound more acustic and big... bye

  5. i have the pickguard that give some vibrations...how can i eliminate these rumors? expecially in the part where pickguard touch the bridge pickup....
  6. es 125 is very nice guitar!
  7. i have my gibson es 175 and the pickguard is a little slow and produces vibrations...can you suggest me how i can resolve this problem? All the best, Stefano
  8. hei man, there are a lot of pics, go to the firs topic !
  9. i have bought d'addario half round 011/048...but on guitar now there are 011 round strings..i like also the complete round
  10. ce lho già, sono andato a prenderla di persona a roma. suono incredibile, tenuta benissimo con custodia originale compresa nel prezzo ovviamente.... bè devo ammettere che sono molto felice, era da tempo che cercavo una chitarra così ad un prezzo accettabile per le mie tasche. p.s. lho provata insieme ad un'altra 175 nuova, non c'è proprio paragone. non pensavo fosse così grande la differenza...
  11. yes i know, i have buy this guitar this afternoon and now i'm very happy because the sound is very beautiful and i think that 2000 is a very very bargain. thanks a lot. bye
  12. Sembra acero più che mogano cmq, 2000 mi sembra un prezzo ottimo..ma è da provare..
  14. Ciao a tutti, mi sapete dire se il retro della gibson es 175 sunburst deve essere sunburst oppure può anche essere natural? http://imageshack.us/g/31/body3yn.jpg/ potete vedere le foto nel link
  15. i report a message of the owner of guitar: Hello everyone, I am the owner of the guitar. This Gibson in 1967 and has never had any change. The color is absolutely original, not beautiful but original. And the price also takes account of this. The sound in compensation is beautiful!!!!
  16. it's normal that the back of guitar is not sunburst but "natural"? we can see the photo on the first topic. thanks
  17. my guitar have this serial number: 81308501. i think that it was made in nashville.. what we think about? do you prefer kalamazoo or nashville and what are the difference? thanks
  18. yes, tomorrow i'm going to try the guitar. For the paint i feel that it is very good for to have more than 20 years...but i have to play the guitar...
  19. 1988 [ quote name=SamBooka' timestamp='1310776369' post='965882] Looks nice.. what is the back made of?
  20. the guitar is this http://imageshack.us/g/31/body3yn.jpg/ what you think about? the paint is original? the guitar was made i 1988

  21. hi, can you suggest me if the paint of my guitar is original or no?

  22. what do you think about paint?
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