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  1. Hi i'm Anna.

    I am looking for a gentle and SEXy man

    My photo here https://sex-gibson.tumblr.com

    Kisses R0Z

  2. Not trying to be condescending or in any way critical, but it is pretty obvious by reading some of the comments that there is a knowledge deficit on how the guitars are made. So here is a link to a YT video of a Gibson factory tour. If people are going to complain, they might as well know when to complain about what ;-)
  3. I like this too. Concert featuring the 'Haz Beenz' with backup bands 'Ancient Irrelevant', 'Failing Health' and special guest appearance by 'Johnny and the Droolers'. All seating wheelchair accessible. Sorry. I'll show myself out. I am 62.
  4. Great album. Townshend got great tone. Lots of great music made using SG Specials imo. Carlos Santana used a Special on Abraxas and played one at Woodstock. Tony Iommi used P90s in his SG as well early on, but I don't think they were Gibson. I think Paranoid was recorded using P90s....just going from memory though...so I could be very wrong. I just watched Woodstock for the 15th time about a month ago on the late night movie, and there were a few P90 guitars in it. Townshend, Santana, the guy in Canned Heat. Maybe more after I fell asleep. ;-) Robbie Kreiger used one in the Doors t
  5. Old enough to remember 'Live at Leeds'?
  6. I would buy a new '18 LP if they brought out the Gibson Les Paul Standard OA (osteoarthritis) model. All it needs is a shorter scale neck to make those long stretches a little easier. I am already starting to find it tougher on my Strat and Floyd Rose units as my arthritis progresses. Come on Gibson, beat the others to the punch...guitarists are retiring from their real jobs en masse these days and I think they will comprise a continually growing guitar-buying demographic as time passes. But then again, what would I know? ;-)
  7. I don't contribute much to this forum, but I read it quite a bit. I thought I would offer up an opinion on this topic, I hope it adds something to the conversation. I had played a long time, but wasn't big a fan of Gibsons. I owned a Les Paul Studio when they first came out in the 80s that was a decent, unobjectionable, great-looking but unremarkable guitar, and my brother owned a Black Beauty Custom from the 70s that was a horrible guitar...but that was only two guitars. After a many year hiatus I starting playing again a few years ago after my brother insisted on lending me his Murp
  8. I was referring to 'metaphysical' in the context it was used in the article I posted a link to, which was the traditional sense of 'What is out there and what does it look like?'. I was also referring to religion in the context that had been established in this thread, which started with a reference to Islam: i.e organized theistic religion. I thought you were too. I didn't realize the use of either word would require disambiguation, I thought it was pretty clear. However, I appreciate the time you took and thank you for sharing your thoughts.
  9. Whether good or bad, scientific evidence from multiple disciplines is beginning to show the human psyche is wired to believe in the metaphysical which translates to religion etc. And that atheists are a figment of their own imagination. ;-) http://www.science20.com/writer_on_the_edge/blog/scientists_discover_that_atheists_might_not_exist_and_thats_not_a_joke-139982
  10. I wasn't surprised to be honest. Once the terrorists hijacked the planes and flew them into the Trade Center etc. I felt it was only a matter of time. Plus we have seen terrorism in Canada before. To radical Islam Canada = USA. Infidels-in-arms as it were. 'Innocence lost' actually happened when Canada experienced terrorism from within back in the 60s, culminating in 1970 with the 'October Crisis'. The FLQ (Front de libération du Québec)a radical French Canadian separatist group murdered our Labour Minister: Pierre Laport and kidnapped British Trade Commissioner: James Cross. The FLQ h
  11. Sounds like Fender has been taken over by De Beers. I was shopping for a computer gear on the Canadian Future Shop website the other day and I noticed (to my surprise) they were selling over 600 guitars/guitar-oriented products. Major guitar brands included Fender, Gibson, ESP and Epiphone. We are talking LP Standards, SG Standards, Fender Vintage Brand Strats etc. Nice stuff. Most of these items are marked as 'Available Online' and 'Reservable in store'. I am also aware of the large online retailers in the States like GC etc. http://www.futureshop.ca/Search/SearchResults.aspx?typ
  12. Longer. I didn't feel I was a 'Les Paul/Gibson guy' so I didn't really aspire to own one when I was a kid. I bought my first one in 1984 or so. I went into the music store to buy a Standard and left with a Studio. I still regret that. I think they were made of something other than Mahogany...it was supposed to be lighter with the same hardware as the Custom. Anyway, I didn't like it at all and barely played it until I sold it in the early 90s. I would have never bought another one if my brother hadn't insisted I borrow his 2000 Murphy-aged R-7. Opened my eyes to the fact that Gibson is mak
  13. Thank you, I should have mentioned that.
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