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  1. I had no idea there were this many replies. I have my notifications set to email me, but it didn't. Anyways, it looks like I'm gonna try a precut bone nut. Not because of the poll, but it helped. I do know what I'm doing, but to double check my capabilities, I check my Epi and my tele copy, and they are intonated as close to perfect as I care to get it to. But, if I can't get the bone nut to intonate, then I'll take it to a professional tech.
  2. Texasbluezman


    I should of came here for knowledge and opinions. I pulled a full step bend at the 2nd fret on the G string and the string popped out of the nut. Later inspection showed me that it chipped the nut and would not go back in the slot correctly. I did a little research and opted for the Earvana nut. After installing, I was intonating for an hour before I decided to put it back in the case and try again later. Tried it again for 30 mins. the next day and still could get it. The guitar is intonated correctly, but chords are definitely out of tune. After further researching, (on this forum) I should have got a bone or brass nut. Would do you recommend? I mainly play blues and blues/rock, but also some hard rock and metal when I get in the mood, but I usually change guitars for that. BONE OR BRASS?
  3. Texasbluezman


    You say honey, I say burst! 2011 Trad Pro
  4. When I go out on the town, I take my Money and my Honey! I know the thread is about Les Paul's, but I couldn't resist showing my Strat, since the names rhyme. Honey Money
  5. When I first seen it, something didn't look right. Here are some pics of mine. Notice the break in the "O" at the top. This is what the inside looked like before changing everything out: Here is what the serial # should look like: I have more pics for comparison if needed. (I cant' believe I took a pic of my feet! ) Also, is yours a Custom Pro? I ask because of uncovered zebra pickups.
  6. My LP's had pg's. But I took the pg off my Trad Pro. (My avatar still shows it to be on though) The wife says, the pg makes it look like an old guitar that an old man would play. I told her it's a Traditional, it's supposed to. But, I like it without, now. I haven't played the Epi out in a while, but I think I'll take it's pg off to see what that silverburst looks like in full bloom. I don't even scratch the pg when I play, so I don't think I'll scratch the top. I also sometimes put my hand on the top, below the bridge pu, or sometimes on the pu ring. I never do the same thing every time. I don't worry about scratches or smudges. It's my guitar. I'm not messing it up, I'm adding Beauty Marks! (Got that from the wife)
  7. I would take a free guitar to practice on fret removal and install, scalloping the fret board, changing the body or headstock style. I still have my first electric guitar. A Memphis super strat. One bridge humbucker, one volume. I practiced my routing capabilities, and routed it for a recessed Floyd Rose. Needless to say, I need more practice. I thought I had a pic, but no luck. My first good electric was an Ibanez RG550 in Desert Sun Yellow. Kept it for 10 years. Once you learn how a Floyd Rose works and how to set it, it's not that hard. Just takes a little more time. I have no problem changing guitars on the fly. Short or long scale, neck radius, thick or thin neck. Trem or hardtail. Don't matter. I love all guitars. But I probably wouldn't want another Memphis!
  8. I have a set of pickups from a LP Studio that have the quick connects. Not sure of year or which pickups they are, but I assume they are the standard Studio pickups ie. 496 and 498, or something like that.
  9. I found my old thread! I'll add the picks here also to make this thread complete! Now everyone can see the rebuild from start to finish, and maybe learn something also. I'll take your questions now.
  10. He's got all kinds of stuff he doesn't use. He's actually a drummer. A kick azz drummer. He likes to dabble with guitar. He's also got an electronic kit that I'm trying to get from him. We used to play together back in the late 80's to early 90's. He taught me alot on the drums. I want to record, so for me an electronic kit would be great. Would only take up 1 track on a recorder. The rest can be for overdubbing of guitar fills.
  11. I am finally getting around to posting pics of my upgrade from almost a year ago. I can't find my old thread, so I started a new one. I'll include before and after pics. Before After Before After Before with speed knobs After with chrome tophats I've also added a Tonepros locking bridge and tailpiece. I also have a set of Gibson Les Paul Studio pickups, probably a 496r and 498t, that I got from a friend. He paid me with a set of pickups for replacing a pot on one of his guitars.
  12. And if I remember correctly, the Stagemasters were top of the line. I never get to go to any stores to try out any new equipment, but the last time I was at GC, they didn't have any Kramers. How can Gibson keep making Kramers if there are none in the stores?
  13. Oh YEAH! SM1 with SD's. A custom shop with HS pickup configuration. Coil split the bridge. Bridge pickup- Screamin' Demon Neck pickup- Vintage Hot Stack Plus STK-S7 4 way selector for out-of-phase (like a tele) Original Floyd Rose
  14. Yes. These: http://houston.craigslist.org/msg/3404308789.html It's been about 2 1/2 yrs. ago. Still haven't seen them.
  15. Not much. I get together with some aquaintances occasionally.

  16. That's one crazy f@#$er! Loved it!
  17. I work on my guitars, always tinkering. But you should never have to open up a new guitar because it is not working properly. I know the Budokan's are harder to come by, but I think you should take it back and request a new one. If it was me, and I really like the guitar, I would fix it myself. Did you call the store of purchase and tell them about the problems?
  18. I thought so, too. I really like the 50's neck. Honeyburst is the only color I was looking for in a Les Paul, so it's a keeper!
  19. I haven't listen to any new KISS since Psycho Circus. I have LPs, 45's, 8-tracks, cassettes, and CDs of almost every album up to PC. One of the first songs I learned was Strutter, and after that was Lick It Up. I believe Bruce Kulick was the most articulate guitarist they had. Vinnie and Mark St. John were shedders, they didn't fit at all. Ace, well what can I say, he was the best entertainer. His licks are easy to copy, but he is the originator of all those licks, and I give him lots of respect. My favorite years were when Bruce was in the band. They were headed in a good direction with Revenge. Getting out of the 80s hair metal, and really playing some good Rock and Roll. But you gotta remember, Gene stated "We not musicians, we are entertainers". I seen them twice in concert. Both times with Bruce and Eric Carr. Outstanding shows. I love their music, but could care less for the merchandise.
  20. Texasbluezman

    50's neck

    I've never felt pain from playing my 50's neck. I also frequently change from a Epi LP Custom, 60's, a Trad Pro 50's, a Schecter, a Fender Deluxe Strat, and a Tele copy. Many different neck shapes. I guess I have about medium length fingers, not short, but definetely not long.
  21. Well this figures! I just got my Trad Pro 50's a few months ago. I really like the new features of these. All Trad Pro 50's left on GC's Platinum site are going for $1499. I got mine for a little under $1600 shipped. That's ok though, I really love mine.
  22. That is reason the price is skyrocketing on the smaller amps now. I remember small tubes selling for cheap in the '80s. I could of had an army of 'em. Damned MTV made me want a stack more than a girlfriend. But I still got a girlfriend anyways.
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