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  1. Greetings. i have a 1960 J45 in very good condition. I’ve done very little cleaning and maintenance. I hear two opinions on polishing the body and fretboard cleaning and need some guidance. 1. (A) Polish the body with either Gibson or Virtuoso polish or (b) don’t polish it at all 2. To clean the fretboard (a) use 0000 steel wool ; (b) use a credit card 3. On the fretboard, use lemon or mineral oil feel free to direct me to the most authoritative directions and/or corresponding YouTube video thanks
  2. Greetings. I have an original 1960 J-45 and recently purchased an electronic tuner which advises not to use the tuner with "Nitrocellulose lacquer, Polyurethane, French Polish, Oil Finish or Gibson guitars which have nitrocellulose finishes, unless you accept the risk of dents to the headstock." Does my guitar have any of the above-mentioned? If not, out of curiosity, what finish does it have? Finally, I assume that any purist would advise me to not use any tuner on the headstock of such a fine guitar.
  3. Here she is. A few nicks A broken head (expertly repaired by a Gibson guy in Charlottesville, VA) Not played nearly as much as she deserved (nor as well) but lovingly cared for all these years.
  4. My first post. My first guitar. 1960 J-45. Purchased new. Happy 50th birthday.
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