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  1. Is this true? I thought that Gibsons equipped with p90's had a "set" of pup's, just like humbuckers. Can anyone verify for me that they use pup's with the same specs for both neck and bridge? (Not that I think you're lying or don't know what you're talking about, diamond; I just never heard this before and like to have things verified by multiple sources.)
  2. G'day Mate, yes sorry it was a case of mistaken identity. Your comment was very similar to that of a muso friend of mine from a local GC. all is good, have a nice day :)

  3. Hey there- I'm pretty sure that I'm not who you were asking about, as what you typed means absolutely nothing to me. Sorry. The only thing I could tease out is "Adelaide", which I believe is a city in Oz? I'm born and raised in New York (I live in NYC now, but grew up in a small city north of NYC in NY State).

  4. Is this Jes from Allans/Billy Hyde Adelaide? :)

  5. Congrats Bro! Welcome to the Gibson Family. Once you're in, you're down for life. Trust me. You should start a new thread, titled "NGD! Honeyburst 60's tribute" or something like that. BTW- NGD- "New Guitar Day" I have a question- looking at your photos I noticed a something a little different- on the 3rd photo, there's a small darker area going from the neck PU over to the edge of the top; is that a darker spot in the finish, or is it a shadow of the neck from the lighting?
  6. HNGD! The reason I picked the guitar back up in recent times is cuz I stopped by a GC (which I've done from time to time for YEARS) and happened to pull down an Ebony LP Studio that was just perfect! This thing was a beast, it was perfectly intonated and just sang out LAMF. Before this occasion I hadn't really considered buying another guitar; I had been strung out for more than a few years and my guitar purchases had just been a revolving door- I'd buy one, like it a lot, play it for a week or so, then get my $ f#ck&d up and turn around and pawn it for about 20% of what I had just paid for it. So I gave up on even buying them for a couple years (about five). But like I said, I came across this one particular LP Studio that just SPOKE to me (more like sang to me, but anyways...). I knew right there, on the spot, that this was the ONE; I didn't like this guitar a lot (like I had with the others)- I loved it! I knew that when push came to shove I would NOT sell this guitar for ANYTHING. I don't care if it was for the phone bill (guess you'll have to talk to me when you see me, folks) or if I was short on the rent (I may be sleeping on the sidewalk, but I'm sleeping next to my baby) I was going to hold onto this one. So I pulled some strings, made some calls, and got the $ together to buy it outright. I walked through the front doors of GC a man with a mission. The only thing was- they sold it! I think this really speaks to the quality of Studios, though. I had owned 25-30+ guitars, all different makes and models, and none of them had that "It-Factor" that this Studio had. I mean, I played some Standards, some RIs, some SGs- you name it, I played it, and none of them had the tone that this one had that just called out my name. Don't get me wrong- on average, most Standards sound better than most Studios (to me), most Custom Shops sound better than most Standards (to me), etc. etc. You get what you pay for- on average, that is. But as we all know, each guitar is unique, with it's own unique tone, it's own unique sound, it's own unique qualities. You can find some diamonds in the rough, that's for sure. The folks that like to knock this model or that year have their collective head up their collective a$$. Again, Congrats on your beautiful new baby. Hope you guys grow together, learn together, mature together and take over the world together.
  7. Since you've mentioned that you own a 335 is it safe to assume that you have more guitars than you have listed at the bottom of your posts? Cuz I don't see any 335 on that list.... Going by the list on the bottom I would encourage purchase of the ES339, as you have a ton of Fenders and no semi-hollows. But if you already have a Gibson semi, and you don't have a Tele, I'd say go for the Tele. Actually, I'd reccomend that you sell the majority of your strats and get the 339, the Tele, and the Honeyburst. In that order. jes my $0.02.
  8. And I'm not going to bust your balls for this terrible grammar- I'm going to give you a pass because A.) You're from Spain, and if I was trying to post something in Spanish I would butcher that language WWAAAYYY worse than you've just butchered this one; and B.) You just look so DAMN happy in your lil picture, I'd hate to ruin your gaiety with more rude remarks and ball-busts. You're Welcome.
  9. Dude. Here's my reply. 1- I studied classical guitar for two years in college. And when I say "studied" I mean I MAJORED in classical guitar. Alas, that was over a decade ago now. It's possible that I've seen someone using a leg rest in the past and it just didn't register in my chemically-modified mind. It's also very possible that I've never seen anyone use one. I may not be from "Spain" or had tutelage from "Segovia", but I can work my way through more than a few classical compositions. The reason I don't recall the use of leg rests may very well be due to the fact that when I was studying classical guitar I was too busy PLAYING and PRACTICING, not out and about shopping for accessories and bird-watching other students while they played and practiced. 2- Again, I apologize for my "snarky remarks". Amongst my social circle "ball-bustin" is a means of showing affection. I am not computer-literate, thus I don't have a full grasp on the etiquette here. I don't know what a "Troll" is or what "sharing beach pics in facebook" means, nor do I care. While everyone else was learning/creating "cool" internet jargon I was busy, again, playing my guitar. To repeat- apologies for any hurt feelings. Thanks y'all for making me aware that I was out of line. And if you guys don't like me/my comments, it's gonna be okay. I probably won't be around much- I'll be busy playing my guitar.
  10. Seriously? Are we really that sensitive in here? A little bit of ball-busting is how I show love. Sorry if I over-stepped the boundaries, I was just being sarcastic and it was all in good fun. And I STILL don't have the slightest idea what purpose a leg rest would serve with a Les Paul. I understand it on something weird and unbalaanced like those Zakk Wylde Coffin-shaped guitars, but in my experience any Les Paul I've played, PARTICULARLY Gibson, have been very well-balanced. Actually, almost ALL of the Gibson's I've played have been PERFECTLY balanced. Anyways, apologies if I've hurt anyone's feelings or bruised anyone's ego(s). I'll turn it down for y'all.
  11. I would try Craigslist first and foremost. It's a patience game, not always as convenient as Ebay, but they come up and you get the chance to plug in and play before you plunk down any hard-earned cash. Plus you can haggle and most guys will give you some play on the price. You could also check the Guitar Center, Daddy's Junky, Sam Ash, etc etc's respective Used Gear websites. But not always such a good deal. I've found it's better to play the waiting game, as your patience can tend to save you 50% or more.
  12. As with any tube amp, they will ALWAYS sound best turned all the way up; that's the nature of tubes. But if you're looking for something to just play at home quietly than that's a whole 'nother story. But I still stand by my earlier claim. The Marshall JCM2000 is pretty awesome and versatile. I don't have ANY pedals and I get all different kinds of tones out of mine. And if you want to turn it all the way up for that red-hot tube tone but don't wanna alienate your neighbors you should invest in an attenuator. They control the volum going out from your amp into your speakers, so you can have your head turned all the way up and have it loud as a practice amp. They go for anywhere from $25-$200, but I'm pretty sure they all work the same and they're all safe for your amp.
  13. Try "Sissies'R'Us". J/K I have no idea what you're talking about- and I studied classical guitar for a couple years. Is your guitar uncomfortable in your lap or something? Unbalanced? Does it loom on the edge of your leg about to fall of? I know folks who play classical guitar place the guitar on their left leg (for right handed playing, obviously the opposite otherwise-) so maybe there's some benefit to having a stand? I don't know. I just can't imagine a need for a leg rest for an electric guitar. You should check around in some stores that specialize in Daisy Rock and Hello Kitty guitars. J/K (again) Seriously though- could you please elborate on what need a leg rest fulfills here, both for an acoustic and especially for an electric? Thanks.
  14. I can personally vouch for the Marshall JCM2000s. I have the DSL 100w Head, got for about $400. Passed on the cab for $200 cuz one of the speaker had a tiny rip on it. But you can usually find a halfstack for around $900. They're totall worth it, they're all tube- no clipping diode gain stage- and huge flexibility. You can get a TON of different sounds out of them. I run my Les Paul Trad w/ split coil p-90s through it and it GROWLS. Just my $0.02
  15. Has anybody played/acquired one these "Raw Power" Studios? They Apparently are ALL Maple- Body, Neck and even the Fretboard?! I don't know how this one slipped by me (actually I do, I was in jail the year they came out) but had I known about em I probably would've taken them into consideration when I bought my latest Gibson. It's definitely an enticing concept to me- a Gibson (and a Les Paul, at that-) with a Maple neck and fretboard. How do they sound? How do they feel? I can't remember ever hearing anybody talking about them in these forums, so I imagine they never sold all that well- is this right? Do people not like them for some kind of qualitative issue, or is it just a purist type of thing where it's too far from the proven formula? Any clips? Youtube vids? Thanks in advance fellas.
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