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  1. Thanks Craig, I'll take your word for it!
  2. Well the measurements are at least correct--17 in across at the bottom and 12 3/4 to the 12th fret. Thank you very much for your help!
  3. Ha, well actually, I've already bought it--so you could say my curiosity is verging on desperate. I do appreciate your help, thanks! I was told it was late-40s/early 50s. This site describes serials from 1902 to April 1947: "Number and model name on white paper label, number range 1000 to 99999" That technically is what is found on a white paper label inside this guitar, it just strangely has a G after the first number, 9. Really hope I have the genuine article. I also uploaded a photo of the back of the head: http://www.frontierruckus.com/nggallery/page-296/album-5/gallery-41
  4. Photos here: http://www.frontierruckus.com/nggallery/page-296/album-5/gallery-41 Thank you for your help! M
  5. Hello, The ES-150 I am looking at buying has dot fingerboard inlays, as opposed to the newer trapezoid inlays, but has the more modern logo on the headstock. From what I could make out, the serial number is 9g8251. It is priced at $1,200. Can anyone lend any insight on the possible year and whether or not the price is a decent deal (which understandably depends on its shape, which is good, but in general for its year)? Thank you!
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