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  1. MIne is 2nd hand. Original owner had a local luthier install the stud tailpiece (it an the tune-o-matic are TonePro, don't try this at home) and changed out all the gold hardware, and I think must have done the cream surrounds and pickguard, too. Not sure why the pic didn't load, will try again later.
  2. Anybody else out there have a Howard Roberts Fusion III - or have had and no longer have for any particular reason? I picked one up and played it through a clean tube amp and fell in love. I hate when that happens. Now I have to justify another pony in the stable!
  3. I bought mine 5/31/77 brand new, and it came stock with gold knobs instead of the black. Weighs a ton, sounds great, and it plays like a dream.
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