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  1. Well the strings are over almost two months old now from my last thread and I think all three of the guitars are sounding better now that all that new string zing is long gone:D Here's a short clip doing some flatpicking on all three guitars (tried to keep the playing the same for each guitar, but got slightly distracted by someone walking past my window when playing the J-45 - if you wonder why I keep looking outside). Which one do you think sounds the best? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sl_caPaWaVc
  2. Cheers, things are a bit better now. Finally getting a chance to play my guitars again. :) Infact I think I might go and make another vid since the strings are now a little older.
  3. Thanks guys for all your replies. I'm sorry I wrote that post then vanished, had some really crappy stuff to deal with over the past few months, but I won't bore you with it. Enjoyed reading all of your replies. Thanks also for the compliments, it means a lot to hear fellow guitar players say nice things. I do think the J-45 has the slight edge over the Martins. It does have a more three dimensional tone, I don't know how Gibson do it.
  4. Haven't posted for a long time, so thought I'd do a quick comparison vid of my three current guitars which I love equally for their individual tonal qualities..... So I restrung them all with free 80/20s and turned on my H2..... Then I remembered why I'm not too fond of new strings. I only usually ever restring my guitars when they either become dead or when the third string breaks (from too much bending) It seems to my ear that the fresh out of the packet strings make my guitars lose a bit of their individualism. The Gibson loses some of it's thumpy honky tonk tone while t
  5. "The 818 has one single bass note, the E string, and is very deep" "I personally prefer the HD-28V. However, if what you're looking for is lots of sustain and brightness with a single bass string, go for the 818. To me the single bass string of the 818 makes the guitar unbalanced." I bet all those folk that are looking for a single bass string know what they should be ordering now.
  6. Not really. This isn't a grumpy man thread. Just a poking fun at yet another self righteous/moral high horse thread. I mean seriously... did these guys never read the F word in a book/novel before (unrated and easily accessible to children book may I add) You would think Crosby was a child molester the way some of the posts read.
  7. It's so holier than thou I could scream. http://www.acousticguitarforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=327450 I do find it humorous how uptight folk can get about such non issues. Could it be the "be nice" rule that brings about this strange phenomena on the AGF?
  8. Only Martin and Gibson. I'm just not interested in anything else, and that's not from a lack of trying other makes. Just can't get away from the Martin and Gibson tone. They have the sounds I want to hear.
  9. Haha, there is no shortage of brainless idiots on earth. Those people that put their heads in between crocodiles jaws are hilarious too.
  10. I used to have a D-18 Authentic and I know what they are talking about on the UMGF when they talk about "more guitar". It was so light and responsive compared to any Martin I've played/owned, (I had a D-18GE at the time also). The problem I had with it was that I prefer slightly less responsive guitars. The D-18 made a great guitar for flatpicking bluegrass lead lines, but I didn't think it was that great of a strummer. I always found it a little harsh for that purpose so I sold it and bought a great straight braced D-18 (and a D-28 later on). Now those two guitars are very special to me
  11. I'd call it being able to have a collective laugh without being censored/banned. The AGF mods don't like genuine laughs (which let's be honest usually come at the expense of others). I found that out a few times including one time when I made a joke about Jesus.
  12. I think I think I loaned it to someone.
  13. Stop what? Why do some people take sexual preference so seriously (apart from when it involves kids or animals). Is it really so different from bracing preference? In my experience the people that take it seriously are the people that tend to be offended by it. So what if there was a little bit of spin on the title? It wasn't in anyway derogatory to either persuasion. Anyway the post is still there so obviously no-one took offense. It would have been nice to have had a thread moved reply however.
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