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  1. Yeah! Why isn't Gibson stamping there pups with model #'s? There aint no way to tell a 490t/498t apart, let alone the other models.
  2. Trad. pro's are awesome! I pulled the trigger and got one in red wine. One of the most versitile LP's Gibson makes (IMO). You can't go wrong with one off these. I'm still unlocking all of It's potential (even after having it for 8 months). It was either a studio deluxe or a trad. pro 60's I had in mind when I was looking for a new guitar. Bought the Trad. pro and never looked back! Any guitar player would easily fall in love when they play one (IMO).
  3. 9's are good for standard E tuning (in my opinion) sound to wobbly in E flat. 10 or 11 gauge have fuller tone for standard E. E flat or D A D G A D tuning I prefer 10's. Anything lower than that (like C)I would use 11's or 12's. Alot of blues players like 10's in E flat. Easier to bend.
  4. What color is it? Who did you buy it from?
  5. It looks like there listed as '57 hot vintage matched set alnico 3's. Look at gibson's store under humbuckers. I saved about $200 bucks just swapping the mangnets out. BTW there sweet!
  6. big red

    Id this pickup ?

    If they are the originals there probably the finest pups ever made. How do they sound?
  7. I like the flame on that! Nice axe!
  8. Seymour Duncan fatcat or a Gibson p-94 for the neck. Burstbucker 2 or 3 bridge. Maybe same slash signature duncans. Any "hot" paf type.
  9. Hell yeah!! They come stocked w/ bb2 in the neck & bb3 in the bridge. The bb2 is a little to hot for the neck(IMO), but the bb3 in the bridge is my favorite. Try one out, you might like that combo.
  10. The music zoo sales rep, told me it was a "typo". Well we could wait and see if anyone at Gibson would say something. If not we could swap out the magnets w/a3's. EDIT: THEY ARE LEGIT!!! LOOK IN THE GIBSON STORE!!!
  11. Hey! Anyone out there use a Gibson Les Paul studio as there main axe while giggin'? How would you compare it to a standard or a traditional live?
  12. Nice guitar! She looks like an old (souped up) cadillac!
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