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  1. I dont get it they say the Gibson Les Paul studio 60's tribute is a very limited edition now since a month i see them everywhere available specially the goldtops and the honeybursts so who is fooling who? Please next time if Gibson makes a model please dont write limited this is a real joke.
  2. Trust me you can say whatever you want the 60's tribute wasnt badder then the les paul classic antique now i aint got either of them waiting to get the traditional
  3. sure it was the best guitar i ever had but i needed money :(
  4. Ok i sold both guitars first the Gibson les paul classic antique and after i had for a few months the les paul 60's tribute goldtop but you can hear the difference of sound or nearly if u hear the music im making here www.myspace.com/creaturesofcaliforniamus of course if u are into bands like Motley Crue,LA Guns,Vain and Poison.Well u can hear that both guitars are damn excellent and wonderfull and that Gibson Les Paul's are really rocking im now targeting to get a Les Paul Traditional .
  5. man the 60's tribute les paul is much better bro
  6. thanks man meanwhile i sold the guitar for 1350 dollars i should had sold it before for 1600 damn that sucks but nevermind i made double of what i paid for lol
  7. hey guy from Hungary where is this mezzoforte site i checked it and it doesnt exist dude??
  8. no its not a lot of money cause if its a limited edition in a year or 2 these guitars will be very rare,rare items are going high remember that
  9. Its incredible not only you cannot find the studio 60's tribute worn goldtop but its climbing higher and higher in price a friend of mine even offered me 1600 us dollars for it i was like wow no way im selling this guitar,besides the guitar is getting better and better :)
  10. As an LP player since 22 years i can say i've had Epiphone,BC Rich,Ibanez and Gibson guitars but i can tell i even owned a les paul standard and a classic antique which i sold lately.Now today i was rehearsing with the friend who bought my classic antique and we were amazed how that baby Trbute makes noize and rock n roll.For a low price get that guitar its beating standard and classic in my opinion of course its not that well made as the antique or standard but still the goldtop Tribute is amazing im amazed!
  11. Im playing 22 years the guitar. I owned many Gibson les paul's guitars i had even a les paul classic antique that i sold recently (needed money) and bought the Gibson les paul studio 60's tribute which is an incredible guitar. I had rehearsal today and my buddy played the les paul standard ,believe it or not the sound of the 60's tribute was way better and heavier then the les paul standard i thought my buddy was tripping . Love that 60's tribute
  12. i will ask my buddy but remember we are from Europe and if we buy from the states we need to pay 21% taxes more for that guitar its really crazy but thanks anyway
  13. I heard that the Les Paul studio 60's tributes are soldout ! i wanted to order one for a friend of mine who is also a guitarplayer but he wanted that colour unless i sell him mine and buy a honeyburst!
  14. I thought it was the honeyburst but i bought the goldtop. I had a gibson les paul classic antique honeyburst 2008 but sold it needed the money:( but honestly this 60's studio tribute is excellent i play 22 years guitar and i can tell you it rocks ;)
  15. On the Gibson les paul studio 60's tribute which colour is the hardest to find can someone tell me and how much guitars does Gibson produce from this model ?
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