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  1. just curious what actually went down with the whole fred leavin thing?
  2. fred is great ive only been on the foroum for a very small time but he mad me feel right at home but i can understand why he would want to leave there can be alot of strong feelings on these foroums in the end its all cool but if he goes he knows he will be missed now
  3. we are trying to get him to stay not scare him away
  4. can you feel all the love comin your way fred feel it! :)
  5. in the 50s they handwound pickups and many of the same models have fastly different pickups they werent regulated like they are today there were no models for pickups so maybe they thought the 490 and 498 were close to what some 57 pauls sounded like
  6. where did you buy your traditional plus? cause unless you bought it online it probably had a setup from wherever you bought it not the pleck set up. and as far as pick ups the 57 pickups are new thats probably why they arnt on that model
  7. chris.

    adding bone

    look it up on the gibson site if its not it would be a good investment to go to bone
  8. thats true a whole lot of tone is in your fingers
  9. so while you play your guitar and when you guitar is on a stand you see the back of it? you rarely see the back of a guitar theirs no point in making it pretty
  10. oh yeah and i forgot isnt how the instrument sounds more important than how it looks.....
  11. 1. who looks at the back of the guitar? defantly not the audience so i dont think that really matters. 2. weight does not automatically relate to good tone 3. the cambering they do is worked to keep the tone the way it is and add resonance if you just start cutting off wood in random places it might dramatically alter the tone in a negative way
  12. it looks beautiful i always thought they looked good the old way but that is something else they should defantly make a standard or custom model with this finish
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fG8TCHccIU robertson from lizzy one of the first to popularize wah for solos they were primarily used for rythem before
  14. but like is it strucually sound? and what would it do soundwise on a guitar? are their negatives to not using real wood? and are their anypositives you can think of by not using real wood?
  15. i fixed the link there was an extra space in it but it works now sorry bout that. but like can a none wood fretboard sound good?
  16. i noticed a while back martin started to use a artificial material for their neck Richlite its basically paper and glue wikiwhy could this be bad/good? i know its not wood so it wont age but do fingerboards change in tone as they age? also it wont shrink or expand like wood can could this cause cracks or an edge on the side of the neck? and they are very dense which could be a positive that is what makes ebony sound better than rosewood what do you guys think?
  17. chris.


    i looked that up earlier today looks awesome i think the coolest part is how you can delay the harmonies
  18. i was thinkin bout postin that but i like the orginal better
  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGpRD2bLxY0&feature=related
  20. jimi all along the watch tower way better than the original http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6Z7LR8Z9_o http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cbcu9KNbWNY&feature=related
  21. chris.


    i dont know if its better but its different ive heard the differnce my self i use to think nothing about cables but it really does make a differnce have you done a test for yourself? or do you just think logically it doesnt make sense? cause like gold tip vs silver and whatever other metals they use different metals conduct electricity diverently so it makes sense to me that it would sound differently and like i said ive actually a b some myself but my advice is to just test it out for yourself you wont believe me unless you hear the differnce yourself
  22. chris.


    which is why modlers are great what you hear is what they hear and the sound doesnt change with the weather and it can be as loud or quite as it needs to be and you dont have to worry about what stompboxes you use with them oh and extra extra plus they are a whole lot easier to carry around and you can get a nice modler in the 500 dollar range i would suggest either the rp 1000 or the the topline hd serious from line 6
  23. loved his writing abilities great composer in my opinion but he was usually sloppy live with zep
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