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  1. dont buy sig models if you can though get the 60s studio goldtop it looks the best out of the 60s model studios
  2. i got a nice epi lp custom but the next time i buy a guitar its gunna be one im gunna keep forever so its gunna be an investment aka expensive and not an epi
  3. chris.


    thebest part is it has watt settings 4 1 and 1/4 so you can hit its sweet spot at talking level if you want on the 1/4 setting
  4. chris.


    Vox AC4TV 4W 1x10 Tube Guitar Combo Amp i tried this thing out guitar center great sound all tube it can get louder than you think it would but its not gunna kill you i would look into this only 250$ and its not master volume like you want
  5. one of the worst movies of all time the newest superman movie dont rember the title but it was about 3 hours of boredum
  6. chris.


    ive heard people say tuners can make a differnce on the tone of the guitar is that just hype or is it real?
  7. im on the rt side but i dont play p90s often and when i have they usually sound great
  8. what your set up? do you prefer simple rigs just amp guitar? complicated? or normal? persoanlly i like wierd effects and thanks to technology i only need two pedals to satisfy my tone and effect thirst rp 1000 and m13
  9. chris.


    why cant intersting in vocals mean good? interesting in other instruments means good
  10. chris.


    i like the vox cables they have a nice dark smotth tone to them
  11. thanks for the tip man me and my dad might buy some of those 11 dollar ones
  12. chris.


    oh and another great vocalist adele http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qemWRToNYJY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nL49yZNE4yk&feature=related
  13. chris.


    i know other singers do it as well most notable i would say would be micheal jackson just another thing to add to his skill box and yes i agree his old stuff was not as good as he is now i would say the whole band has progressed alot as musicians from their early days but that happens with a lot of bands escpially ones that start as highscool bands another example u2
  14. related question are custum made standards better than usa made standards? and is it enough of a difference for the extra price tag? and studios have the same pickups as customs i know most studios have rosewood fretboards unlike customs but studios with ebony fretboards is there any differnce in sound between them and custums or is it just looks?
  15. thank you for the tip
  16. chris.


    have you seen recent live recordings of the chili pepers? kiedis can almost exactly replicate live what he does in the studio most big time artist today cant and he has very unique lines and a interesting tone which i personanly love part of the reason i love kiedis is because he is so unique and blends styles of music like rap pop funk and others very effectively i think he is one of the most artful singers in todays music everyone thinks of shaking up guitar and bass but only a view people shake up vocals and by shake up i mean try something new http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OqUYgiQmnY&feature=related and plus the stage pressance he has he dances around like crasy and can still sing fine its hard to sing a show staight through normally witjout running around like a maniac
  17. how much do these usually cost? and are there any other brands to consider that might be better or less expensive?
  18. i cant seem to use this correctly i usually get like a hundred results that have nothig to do with what i typed or there our no results for that what should i do?
  19. its interesting not my style i dont know if their the best havnt heard any others in that genre
  20. i like the the profile of my fender but i just whish it had a shorter scale length
  21. i used the search feature i cant find any thing that relates to what i want to know/: but i will try to make may new posts more ecompising so there wont be as many sorry for taking up all the room guys
  22. chris.

    Post 2K

    noooo dont go now i need more knowledgeee
  23. chris.

    Post 2K

    rest assured good man youve already made me chuckle, thanks for all the info and great ensight
  24. what do you prefer wide necks, long scale short scale, wide string spacing narrow string spacing? oh and fret length and hieght. i like shorter scales a wideish neck with good string spacing. i like to finger pick so i need some extra space for my right hand and i dont have the smallest hands so i like some space up the neck too and i prefer a taller fret wire and just the spacing a pual has i dont like how far apart they can get on strats
  25. hahaha how do i tune to m o and n i want to try this out
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