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  1. on live performance please plenty of people can do good in the studio it takes a real musician to do it live that why my picks are anothy kiedis and the singer for shinedown
  2. oh okay cause none of my friends do hahaha so they are the wierd ones
  3. the way it usually goes for me is ill have band that i listen to every single day for about a 2 3 month period give or take ill still listen to lots of other stuff but that one band i will listen to every single day and then all of the sudden it will change to a different band how bout you guys do any of you do this?
  4. oh i cant believe i forgot this guy Pino Palladino amazing player and has toured with alot of greats. outstanding musician
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDTUr-fHwHI chad is so steady, has great taste and restraint and he has a little flash in him as well and that band is so in key with each other they never miss a beat. chad know that there is logic and not playing as much as you can let your music breathe that goes with every instrument you play
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDTUr-fHwHI you cant deny his skill and he is a great song writer too. he can be technical and melodic what more can you want?
  7. as far as how tight they are with the band how steady they are and if you want you can add in some flashy players too what you got people?
  8. axe fx or any amp it models? what would you choose and i would say hmm 2000 dollars that will do everything i could ever want or a small fortune in different amps cabinets and efftects? i say digital is close enough for me yeah maybe the trained ear can tell the difference in a test demo one played right after the other but can the crowd who only hears you and at that only you mixed in with the rest of the band?
  9. i would say it might make difference but i cant stand to look at my Paul without the covers on and personally i like a warm tone so thats my take
  10. it was neat but as far as the lofiness you couldnt really hear the lyrics i think thats a little to lofi but i liked it pretty good man
  11. their are several fender models that have p90s or at least the fender equivalent to p90s you could check those out at you local store :)
  12. recently at my church they moved around the stage and i am now placed right beside an acoustic drum kit that can get a bit overbearing but still havnt had any ringing in months i had to turn down about a year ago because of neighborhood complients i had a old peavy bandit and would crank the daylights out of that when my family was out and jam for hours on end got a decent tone probably from the speaker break up cause i cranked it so loud just didnt sound the same at lower volumes which i had to play at when the family was home but it did have a nice clean sound that sounded great at low levels
  13. next gear buys for me will be a tele a gibson hollow or semi hollow and fractal audio axe fx 2 or whatever the current model is when i have the money to buy now as far as how im gunna get them hmmmmmmmm after i get a job? or winning the lottery is always a good dream but you kinda have to play to win
  14. its okay everybody we are all musicians here lets get along nicely
  15. i prefer basses with a wide neck but that also goes with my guitars to
  16. i play bass and my friend has a musicman stingray but all ive ever owned is a Yamaha 5 string so im kind of in your boat i dont know what a good bass is all i have to go on is what everyone else says
  17. nope just bored its summer and im a student( aint got no job) so i thought i would try to gain some of you guyses wisdom on gear and bands and the works
  18. at one time i used copper picks i liked them they were thin and flexible gave me a bright but not harsh tone only downside turned my fingers green when i played
  19. i dont like grips on picks. my hands get somewhat sweaty when i play live and picks with grips stick to my fingers and i cant change the way they are angled, which i like to do quite often.
  20. also recently ive been finger picking alot i feel a lot more in control of dynamics when i finger pick
  21. i like some flex in my pics i find stiff picks to make my sound harsher
  22. i usually use either a fender medium( the flag pick) or the orange dunlop tortex .60 mm
  23. decided i would find a pic of frusciante playin a gibson to put as my photo

  24. what type (material brand thickness) of guitar pick do you use? and how much do you think picks influence tone?
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