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  1. thank you for the info :)
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0AXjUy1_gY and this one too
  3. http://youtube.com/watch?v=7QrEsPLdZpM&feature=related listen to this intro
  4. it hasnt happened recently i havnt been playing as loud as i use to i was getting complaints from neighbors
  5. any record ear ringing lengths after jams or shows? ive had several times where it has lasted for 4 even 6 hours after playing how bout you guys?
  6. i have played at my school regularly on a chapel band which is also a big church it has both moniters and in ear and i have to say both suck there but they have great equipment they just don know how to use it. at my church we play with Bose line array towers four of them so its basically like on stage monitors its great you can hear everything crystal clear
  7. hahaha i hear Rickenbackers are good oh and ernie ball music man basses are good
  8. in your opinion what is the best bass guitar?
  9. oh i also really like Geddy Lee. but i think probably the most technical proficient bassist would be billy sheehan
  10. favorite/ best bassist? i would say flea from rhcp
  11. who is your biggest musical influence? mine is the red hot chili peppers i would also add jimi hendrix
  12. i complettly understand i tend to lean more towards that view when covering other peoples stuff
  13. i can listen to everything, i dont but i can. hahaha but i mean theirs always something interesting to learn and take from every musical piece even if it sucks hahaha
  14. i wish they would make that color scheme on a custom or standard i love the way it looks
  15. if you only listen to one style of music lets say country, can you effectively play another without bringing in elements of the one you listen too? lets say metal? how much does what you listen to effect how and what you play?
  16. chris.


    i have one from the 80s my dad owned it when he was in college but... i dont think it will ever sell for much it plays nice but its one of those random brands that doesnt exist any more
  17. favorite song this velvet glove by the red hot chili peppers

  18. cant wait till the new rhcp album comes out! love the new single

  19. hey anyone want to help me out with some weird different alternate tunings to mess around in?
  20. i feel the same way about alot of scremo bands i dont see the point in scremo but alot of the times they have decent guitar riffs
  21. chris.


    hmmm i think i might stock up on 50 dollar first act guitars ill be rich in 50 years
  22. chris.


    it leaves it as pure gold in about 70 years :)
  23. chris.


    thank you everyone for your input (:
  24. chris.


    so i guess here is my real question if you were alive and playing and buying guitars in the fifties well then thats before 1972 and current model guitars cant be vintage so vintage is not a set list is it? eventually new things today will become vintage at some point, so is it 30 years 40 years? how old does something have to be to be considered vintage?
  25. chris.


    fair enough hahaha but what about in 20 years? does my paul ever get a class upgrade? or does it always stay a 93 studio?
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