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  1. I agree with you 100% Country music is NOT country music anymore - at least not the way we knew it. Its more rock than anything. Music has changed so much in the past years. One of the reason's why my brother and I shut the doors of our studio. Another reason is that many hopefuls that would have come through our doors can do their own demo recordings at home. Sorry, got off topic. Anyway, as much as country music has changed, we can still have a good library of the past giants, and Mr. Tubbs was certainly one of them.
  2. He was awesome. Here he is singing one of his most famous hits (I think it was his - could be wrong) playing that very Epi. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWmbFXJDHrM Here he is playing Walk Across Texas. He's not playing his Epi, but notice his lead guitarist. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hK_qrg4Jz20&list=RDnWmbFXJDHrM
  3. WOW! I really like that color. It's beautiful. Congrats!! I hope you enjoy it. Cheers Wayne
  4. Holy crap Batman. Keep that up and you will need a bigger house. Keckofa collection.
  5. Great price? Awesome price!! Check out your new git fiddle at Guitar Center selling for $699. You got a smokin' deal. http://www.guitarcenter.com/Epiphone-Limited-Edition-ES-355-Electric-Guitar-107776338-i2462347.gc
  6. I'll second that. It will show your wife that's its not all about you.
  7. Oh that is really nice. I know it's not quite the same but it brought back memories of my '66 Coronet. It had just the single pickup with the tremolo arm. There are so many guitars I love, but that one of yours is way up on the list with me. Thanks for showing it. Cheers Wayne
  8. How do you feel the Czech made LP stacks up with the present day Chinese versions?
  9. Beautiful!!! I had to laugh when he mentioned in his video that it looks like a coffee table.
  10. One of the old Arabian laws that I like is that if you steel something - off with your hand. Nothing I hate worse than a thief. I'm saving up for a shotgun. Anyone breaks into my house when I'm home will get a chest full of buckshot.
  11. Aren't they great. I found those catalogs a few months back. I had bought the Coronet. Its the very same black one in the catalog shown with the tremolo bar. Man I miss that guitar. http://www.vintageguitarandbass.com/epiphone/catalogues/1966_4.php
  12. There's an old saying "If it works (for you), don't fix it." I love the color.
  13. I chose option 2 because for one thing, I like having a whammy bar. Question, where is the switch in option 3? I assume you forgot to place it in the plans.
  14. Blondes have more fun - or should it be, we have more fun with blondes.
  15. From the old Amos and Andy TV show many years ago, Amos's favorite line - "Holy macro Andy"! That is a beauty all right. You latched on to a great git fiddle mate. I bet it sounds awesome. Congrats.
  16. You got a great deal there Tweed. I like the natural finish myself, but, like I mentioned, the wife likes the sunburst. I kinda figured I might have to do something with the action. I agree, not too expensive if she loses interest, but hey, I figured on playing it anyway.
  17. 18 hours - that qualifies as a patience of Job project. I like it. It makes for a nice feature wall. Cheers Wayne
  18. I was thinking of getting an AJ-220S down the road for my wife. She knows a few chords and wanted me to get her an acoustic. How does your wife like it? How is the action etc.? What finish did she get - natural or sunburst? My wife likes the sunburst. Cheers Wayne
  19. Hand painted! Wow, you must have the patience of Job.
  20. Nicely done Tweed. If they are using it for recording, it must produce a beautiful sound. I'm glad that tube amps are still out there. They are better than digital. I remember when my brother and I swapped out our 24 track analog equipment for digital. Don't get me wrong, the equipment was great, but there is a difference between analog and digital. We were glad that we still kept the analog equipment as it was still used for some recording. All gone now though. When more and more performers started doing their own work at home, we had to close the doors. My brother still fumes about that. The
  21. Nice collection Tweed. What's the name of the amp behind the Texan? I don't recall seeing one like that.
  22. Good idea. Give Aleksandar Živojinović (Alex) a call. Right now I can image that he's making quite a bit with his name on a Gibson. But hey, why not a few more pennies in the coffer from Epi.
  23. Nothing at all wrong with that way of thinking. I too would love to buy an American made guitar. Just set your goal and save for the time you can afford one. For me, I will have to put that thought process aside. I don't know if I have enough years remaining to realize that goal. Perhaps if I started saving about twenty years ago, I might just make it in time for a Gibson LP, as an example. I slight exaggeration perhaps, but one can get the point being made. Cheers Wayne
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