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  1. When I got my EJ-160e from Guitar Center I got it with Horrible action on it.. I was apalled at how they had it on the shelf acctually. I took it to a shop I trust (the only reason I dont get my guitars from him is because he cant afford to buy in to the Gibson/epiphone brand) to have some setup work done to it. $45 later it was AMAZING. I can do a little bit of work and adjustment here and there by myself but there is somthing to be said about giving the instrument to a professional to have adjusted. I thought the Saddle on the guitar was WAY too tall, but aprearently I was mistaken as all th
  2. Yes, she did guitar and backing vocals and her sister did bass and lead vocals.. How I will never understand. I could never get the hang of singing while playing bass save for a few select peices
  3. Looks like the Shariton to me by the headstock inlay
  4. I'm looking for a pair of pickups for an SG that I'm building. I found it at a pawn shop pretty beat up but I only gave $80 for it so I dont really feel I got hosed too badly. Attached are a few pictures of before and after. I sent it to a friend in NY to have the paint done. I'd be glad to pass his information on to anyone who would like to have somthing done. He does detail finishing for cars but loves doing stuff like this on the side. I cant recomend him enough. Anyway, I'm looking for somthing that has a nice clean acoustic like sound for the neck position and somthing that has a nic
  5. I also rock the Levy's strap. Mine is going on 8 years old now and its still in great shape even with the abuse I've given it. Its really time to buy a new one just to have two. I think I'm spoiled and will never own another brand strap again. Plus the suade wont scratch the guitar like some previous straps I've had
  6. I might be bias, but I love my epiphone Galaxie 10. No headphone jack, but its a nice crisp sound and has a gain and master volume control and its got a lovely crunchy sound but does quiet very well.. Of course you can also turn it up a little bit and it will fill up a decent sized room. Read a review about it before I bought it and for the $200 new price point it said everybody should own one. I agree and though there not made anymore I picked mine up used but in new condition for $100 on craigslist. I got an Epiphone Firefly 30 DSP based of the love of the Galaxie 10 because I wanted som
  7. Oh my my.. I am in love with the ultra 3 already and I havn't even seen it in person. But I always have been a big archtop fan and the 339 looks delicious as well
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