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  1. I just purchased a 2009 Epiphone Riviera CS Limited Edition In doing research as to why it was a Limited Edition the only info I found noted was that is made for the 2009 AIMM (Alliance of Independent Music Merchants). Although I did find other Epiphone's made for AIMM I found nothing else supporting the Riviera made for that reason. Can anyone confirm that the 2009 CS Limited Edition Riviera was in fact just made for AIMM or something else? Thanks!
  2. Trying to find some information on the differences between the P90R & P90 Pro pickups thanks?
  3. Just got my guitar back from Stutzman's here in Rochester NY. I had the tone control and switch positions switched. A lot more user friendly!
  4. After playing this guitar for a while and liking the the feel of the guitar but not liking the pickup switch location (to be swapped with the tone control position) I'm not really liking the 300K linear volume pot so it will be be replaced with a CTS 500K audio (do these take long or short stem)?. I'm also finding the neck pick up a little to dark I would assume in changing the Volume pot this would help? And finally I'm also noticing the 57 plus to be a less in volume the neck PU. I have raised and lowered the P/U's to try and find a balance is this typical of the 57 combo and will the volume pot change help? Thanks
  5. Talked to Ryan at Stutzman's here in Rochester he said no problem he could do it with washers. Thanks again
  6. Very good point, I'll have to talk to the repair shop to see what their 2 cents is re making the larger hole smaller Thanks
  7. Yey it is close I think since I would use the volume control the most, switch 2nd and tone last that that order would make sense in making the switch more accessible Thanks
  8. If you have a Midtown custom it is a different guitar anyway
  9. Did you buy it used and do you have a picture
  10. I have a Gibson Midtown Standard like the guitar a lot find the switch inconvenient. Thinking of either moving the switch to the Volume position, Volume to the Tone and Tone to where the switch was (Switch, Volume Tone) or trade the switch & tone control positions so it will be Volume/Switch/Tone Any comments or other suggestions? Thanks
  11. Did not work property for some reason although the pickups worked the volume controls were not in sinc with the toggle switch?
  12. $7.44 for a screw from Stew Mac $.49 & $6.95 to ship!
  13. I have a 2006 Sheraton II, when the existing the pickups were pulled they were not soldered to the pots but had snap together connectors (see attached photo) I would like to used the extended wiring to hook up the new Classic 57 & 57+ pickups for now (I may want to replace the electronics at some time with a Mojo wiring harness). Can I just cut the wiring from the old pickup w/connector solder the ground wires to the exterior braiding of the Classic and them the two positives and snap them together. Or If using the connector is a bad idea then the same with out them? Any help is appreciated thanks
  14. The new Gibson Les Paul DC Goldtop with her friends! 1989 Yamaha SA 2100 1996 Fender 40th Anniversary Shell Pink MIJ 2007 Fender Custom Shop Tele Relic
  15. There is a new DC Goldtop w/humbuckers on Ebay minumin $1449 BIN for 1599 free shipping
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