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  1. Thanks everyone! I realized I hadn't posted here in awhile and I always LOVE demo videos. I backed into finding this guitar and I think it was meant to be. She's got that Honk for sure and overtime I play a show and bring it out there are a couple of gasps. ha....street cred!
  2. Well I've still lurked here but have not suffered from any MAS since acquiring my guitar a few years back. Sounds better every day. I did this for the Tiny Desk contest and will give a good idea of the sound. Its a little out of tune and needs a setup but still sounds great. This Northeast weather is a ***** on guitars https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2ak-vxoJk0
  3. Hey everyone. Been a long time since posting but I still read all the time and there is so much great info on here I am always blow away.....oh yeah and the pics of great Gibson's does not hurt either! We just finished another album and wanted to direct people where to stream it if they are interested in hearing it. Any acoustic tones are from my 1951 Gibson Southern Jumbo properly mic'd up. You can really hear it most on Waking me Up, Songs in the war, The Rest of Me and Broken Home. Here is the link and you can stream it for free here or at Spotify. Enjoy!!! www.americanthread.bandcamp.com
  4. Hey everyone! Still lurking here on the regular but no purchases on the horizon as I am as happy with my 1951 Southern Jumbo as possible. Recording a new album though and although it wont be out for some months, this rough cut best captures this awesome Gibson sound. Enjoy!
  5. We've been playing with a Sessiun band a lot lately. This was from a practice the other night but I think the fiddle hits nicely with the Gibson!
  6. I'm digging hard on Frightened Rabbit "Pedestrian Verse". Haven't felt that way in a long time....Josh Ritter's The animal Years did that to me as well
  7. Going to see Jason Isbell tonight in Boston....in honor I worked up this cover off his new album. Love this song!
  8. Thanks for the feedback. Here's the thing with her...A)Never selling unless a real desperate situation came up and B)She's the best playing/sounding acoustic I have ever had my hands on. Second was the 50's J45 of my high school girlfriend's Dad and this one SLAYS that J45.
  9. The guy I traded it too had been holding it for a long time and I don't think had looked into it too much. He said he thought it was mid 50's and it turns out its a 51. I traded an 8 month old bought new J45 plus $300 cash
  10. So last Fall I got my hands on a Jumbo in a trade. Its a player for sure and shows its age. She's got a brown hue rather than the black burst and other than that is in great shape. I seems like maybe a LONG time ago someone stripped it and refinished it but it would have been a long time ago as wood wear near the sound hole is from years of playing so my only reason to believe it was refinished is that it doesn't have that crackled nitro look to it? I dunno...here is pic here and any input for a broad range on the price would be nice. I'm not looking to sell but I have no idea and someone asked me what it was worth the other day. http://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash4/480970_4568196199275_989582561_n.jpg
  11. 45slinger. Our album is on iTunes/spotify or you can just download it for free over at www.americanthread.bandcamp.com Our website is www.americanthreadband.com www.facebook.com/americanthread glad you liked it!
  12. We're fleshing out new material for the next album...this one is in the mix http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GC3n8XrMuTs
  13. Hey guys...hope all is well here. A quick vid featuring my guitar player using my 1951 Southern Jumbo and me working on my new lap steel. Whiskeytown classic...enjoy! [url= ]
  14. Hey guys...hope all is well here. A quick vid featuring my guitar player using my 1951 Southern Jumbo and me working on my new lap steel. Whiskeytown classic...enjoy!
  15. Hope everyone is well here. I've been lurking as always but as I am completely in love with my 1951 Gibson Southern Jumbo I just haven't had any GAS or much to add. Our album just got a great review though from one of the best Americana Blogs out there so I thought I would share it. http://ninebullets.net/archives/american-thread-killing-days Also you can get the album on Spotify or ITunes now if anyone wants to give a listen. Thanks!
  16. Awesome stuff. A friend of mine who is an excellent guitar player from Boston...his cousin is the main man at Froggy Bottom's wife. They are currently building him a "gifted" guitar. He showed me pics of the shop and he says their is no room for compromise there....its top level craftsmanship.
  17. I've been in a lot of bands...3 of which I have fronted and here is where I am at this point. I am playing right now with a bass player and drummer....both of them are great old friends. I'd love a lead player to compliment what I do but honestly...with three kids and my own business I have NO INTEREST in massaging egos. And that's what a lot of it is. Musicians by nature are fragile and weird beings....getting four or more on the same page is unbelievable difficult. Moe
  18. Hey all...if anyone here is from the Boston area, my band will be playing John Harvard's Brew House Tuesday Jan 22 at 8:30pm in Harvard Square. Come on out!
  19. Larry- I use an Ipad...garage band.....with an Alesis Ipad adapter and then a Audio Technica Cardioid mic....usually I just record one track...guitar and vox at the same time
  20. Your standard, "you ****ed me over" tune....ha. A little rough but all acoustic...all New and all me
  21. Traynor is great with everything. I had their acoustic amp and their combo tube amp. Excellent stuff~
  22. I play probably 3 hours a week all told unless I have a show. And honestly I am almost always writing when I play so if I'm not picking up anything on my antenna I usually put the guitar down.
  23. Ok...so as some saw I bought a 1951 Gibson Southern Jumbo a couple of weeks ago...and it sounds? Glorious. Everything I ever wanted in a guitar sound....I cant get enough of it. I will post some pics tomorrow but its been PLAYED hard in its life. Structurally its in good shape...some cracks in the sides were professionally restored. The top and all of it was definitely stripped I think and maybe refinished? I am not sure but it lacks the cracked look most have BUT its worn hard so I definitely don't think the top was replaced. The bridge looks to be lifting a bit so I know that will have to be addressed next month when I take it in for work. Question is this..what would it cost to get this thing like...re-nitrod and really finished up nice? Any ideas?
  24. CCL is a great band. I discovered them on Pandora a couple of years back and have given them a LOT of listens
  25. MAN! Slash is taking a lot of heat here. I don't see Keef changing his look with the times...one might say an old geezer wearing skinny jeans and scarfs is just as ridiculous? As for the hat, that's been Slash' signature for since he got in the game. I mean....I would agree that ALL old rockers should somewhat tone it down with the look and its super ridiculous when some 55 yr old super rich dude is prancing around in tights and blouses....that being said I would say Slash is in the Majority. ahhh....if they could all be like Springsteen
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