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  1. I love my J-50. She is just a little older by about 50+ years lol
  2. Thanks for the well wishes. I never thought I wood cherish an old guitar like I do this one, particularly Gibson. I expected to fall for an old Martin. You just never know
  3. Thanks I feel very luck as I had played a few other ones from this era and this was the first one that sounded great to me.
  4. Bought my first vintage acoustic. A 1958 J-50. And although I have a few really nice martins including a D-41 and OM-18 Authentic, I think this is my favorite acoustic. Just plays and sounds great. The original case is not very good so I bought a new J-45 case(not pictured) to use. Ihave the original tuners but the previous owners put these on for smoother tuning. I will take some good pictures but I snapped these quickly with my cellphone
  5. Bought this new 2011 ES-335 Block Inlay Reissue model. It is a 63' reissue that uses different pickups and almost 2g's cheaper than the official 63 reissue. From the Gibson web site: http://www2.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/ES/Gibson-Memphis/ES-335-Block-Inlay/Features.aspx Unlike the Custom Shop 1963 ES-335 Block reissue, which has a pair of Gibson ’57 Classic humbuckers, the ES-335 Block Inlay comes with Burstbucker Pro 1 and 2 pickups Next picture I will try to include the headstock. lol
  6. Please Do yourself a favor and see an orthopedic hand doctor. I had a similar coming specifically from bar chords. I was adiagnosed withan ailment named Kiembocks disease, however that is highly unusual. Go to the Doctor and listen to his instructions whether it is rest or PT. Do not get medical advice over the internet. I will say this, I believe you can overcome anything of you set your mind and heart to it. BTW: It has been a year since my diagnosis and I just purchased a 1958 J50. And I am pumped.
  7. I have have gone through a few Gibson electrics and love my J-45 acoustic. I also have a PRS CU24 and a PRS custom rosewood Angelus. The Angelus is a wonderful acoustic. Each acoustic has its own sound. I like my Angelus very much. The wood selection by PRS is second to none. They brought a famous acoustic luthier over to their shop and he heads the acoustic production group. PRS now produces a very high end acoustic with typical PRS quality. I have noticed that on most of the forums, they are prejudiced against certain brands. Stupid. My J45 is a great guitar and value for the money
  8. I own a lot of accoustics but am a fairly new J-45 owner. I like it more everytime I play it. As for Martin and Gibson being the most used guitars, I know I was 14 years old in 1968 and grew up listening to Martins and Gibsons being played by all my favorite artists from James Taylor to CSN&Y to Bob Dylan. I think it is natural to like the sound of a guitar that you grew up listening to on all your favorite albums.
  9. I bought a brand new J45 and love it. But out of the box it needed a lot more than a setup. The frets were unlevel all over the place. Again I love my j45. However it cost me a couple hundred extra to have the fret work done correctly. A neck like this should not be allowed out of the factory. The pen marks are the unleveled spots before the tech fixed it. new j45
  10. "But monopoly is so much fun I'd hate to blow the game". Man I was only 15 and was crazy for his music
  11. I stopped by GC today during lunch just to make sure I was happy choosing the hd28 over the hd28v. I satisfied my curiosity but I did pay attention to the sound of my hd28 compared to the j45. They are different however I still feel the d-35 sounded very similar to the j45. They feel a little different but sound very similar too me. BTW I like them both and am happy I bought a J45 also. I gave had a lot of gas lately. i hope I am finished for awhile. I spent some serious (too me) dough on these geeetarz
  12. I just recently aded a couple guitars to my collection: a J45 and an HD29. I tried the gibson hummingbird, av, songwriter, j45 etc amd martin d18, d18v, d28, hd28, hd28v and d35. I found the d-35 and the d28 very similar to the j45. I wanted something a little different from my new gibson so I went with the hd28. The j45 and d28 were very similar in sound to me.
  13. I believe a really talented guitarist can make any reasonably made guitar sing beautiffully. People like me on the other hand, are not as talented to play around the imperfections of a beat up guitar. I do believe if you ask any seriously good guitarist that is also into equipment, neither Gibson or Taylor would be in the top 2. And I am head over heels in love with my J-45. Great feel and looks dynamite.
  14. [quote name='MissouriPicker' timestamp='1326064961' post='1089939' And not a thing in the world wrong with Taylors. Nicely made instruments. Taylors are like the girl you take home to meet mom and dad. Gibsons are the girls you take to the bar. Ill drink to that. Thankas
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