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  1. Well my idea is that I'd want to be able to switch a little more quickly than tuning. I play in a cover band and our sets are all over the place & its be nice to drop to D or go back to E with the flick of a switch so we can mix up our sets more.
  2. I own both Gibson & Epiphone Les Pauls. My Gib's are 2 studios from the mid 90's and my 2 Epi's are a 50th anniversary V3 standard and a 2011 standard plus top. Also the last cover band that I played in the other guitarist had a 2008 Gibson LP standard that he let me play alot (he liked me playing that opposed to my ESP EC 1000s) so my opinion is based on real world experiences... The biggest difference I notice at first is the tops in the Epi's aren't as good & the carve (arch) isn't as pronounced as the Gibs. Also, the hardware & electronics are no where near the quality on t
  3. Wouldnt it absolutely rock to have the equivalent of the EVH D-Tuna for a guitar with a LP style bridge! I do realize that I'm really dreaming but part of me thinks it should be entirely possible (though I'd never be smart enough to fgure it out) & the other part of me thinks that if it were possible it'd exist by now... Just seems like there could be a way to have a piece between the stop bar & tail piece that could put enough pressure on the string to take it up 1 whole step. Of course I am sure there's a sustain/resonance argument against that too... like I said just dreaming
  4. Ok so no big surprise but I want to replace the stock p'ups in my Epi LP standard... mine has that cool (in theory) quick connect system. Where can I buy the actual connectors? Any one know?
  5. I have a 1960 Epi Les Paul V3, any info on which burstbucker pickups are in that one, and what is the output rating? I am also looking to upgrade my Epi standards parts closer to the ones in my V3...any tips on where i can pick up the mallory caps, same quality toggle switch and those nifty knobs with the silver tops on the hats?...Any help is appreciated
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