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  1. So you are just trolling. In that case, I recommend teaching yourself how to use the apostrophe, then pass that knowledge along.
  2. You posted that quote. Why? Do you know what it means? Do you understand what it implies in this context? I wonder if you've thought about the words and their meaning and how they apply in this conversation. So rather than have me guess at what your point is, why not share it?
  3. Are you trolling me? You throw around sweeping statements about good and evil with nothing to support them and somehow you feel like you've made a point that merits a response? If you want to demonstrate your wisdom, say something. So which arabs are evil in your eyes then? Just the caliphate? Why are they evil? Is the Syrian gov't also evil? You know, since the US supplied the Syrian rebels? Or maybe also the Iraqis too since the US invaded it to keep the WMDs out of Hussein's hands? Or because Hussein threatened to kill President Bush's Dad. Are the Afghan people evil? Are any other people evil? DPRK? Are you one of the folks who believes in the "axis of evil?" And what makes the US good? What qualifies the US to be the arbiter of good and evil and to intervene in such affairs?
  4. How do you reconcile that the long term effect of US military involvement in the Middle East has led to the rise of ISIS? Oh, sure, you can say that the US decimated Al Qaeda, but the goal was to eliminate its threat, not the named group, and the threat remains. I believe President Bush referred to it as a War on Terror, not just a war on a particular terrorist cell. How can you say that the US has saved the west from terror when Paris and San Bernardino were attacked so recently? I don't think it is expedient to bring in the sacrifice of our service men and women, of course their bravery and dedication is profoundly meaningful. Unless you meant something more by that statement... are you insinuating that it's unamerican to question US policy?
  5. There is no such thing as isolationism in the 21st century, I'm not sure which conclusion you've jumped off to, but I'm talking about simply not attacking people. That doesn't preclude discussion and trade. And 9/11, from the perspective of many in the Arab world, was retribution for America's crimes. I'd say we'd do better not to escalate and again, not attack people. Again, from the perspective of many in the Arab world, those people were murdered as retribution for America's crimes. I'd say we'd do better not to escalate. What part of the American involvement in Iraq since 9/11 are you referring to? The part where we saved the world from the WMD? Did you perhaps mean Afghanistan and the hunt for the man who architected the 9/11 attacks? You'll understand if I don't take you seriously when you say I don't know the truth of the situation. Finally, I don't think it was the Syrians who bombed Pearl Harbor on Dec 7, it was the Japanese. Ah, that's good and pithy! So are you suggesting that all Arabs are evil or just the ones that you don't like? Please tell me more about how US is the force of good bravely challenging the will of evil.
  6. Maybe it's because I'm an American, but I feel like ISIS is free to do what it wants as long as they do not encroach upon the freedoms of my fellow citizens. ISIS is currently encroaching on the rights of the folks who chant "Death to America" and who gas their own citizens, so I'm not terribly concerned with stopping them. And before anyone tries to say me with talk about France and terrorism, I'm sure that ISIS feels like that France went thousands miles out of its way to get involved first. When you get involved in armed conflict, you have to expect casualties, and you have to suck it up if the casualties happen in a way that you feel is dishonorable. IBTL
  7. All I'm going to say is that you've got more than 60 guitars, presumably occupying several hundred square feet, and you believe that they probably aren't worth $5k. You could exchange all of them for a Segway. You might get some cash on the deal, and you'd also get an entire room back... to drive the segway in... or something else... up to you.
  8. I share this purely to offer insight into the psychology I like to think that I use to limit the herd -- most importantly, this is a view into why I fail to keep my herd smaller. But you sir have too many, no way around that unless your name is Nigel Tufnel. If we're talking about 6 string guitars, my goal is to have two. I currently have six: four electric, one acoustic, one reso. The plus side is that I don't lust after another guitar... except maybe Pippy's Paul because it's beautiful. But really, I don't want to go out and get another guitar. I've got my tonal wants covered. Mostly. There's a little SRV strat tone I can't get, but I can get close enough and I can accept that. I also would love to have a well-setup beater acoustic that I can "leave out in the rain" but c'mon, that's clearly ridiculous. One electric doesn't count, it's purely sentimental and it never gets played. It might as well be a pocket watch or something... in fact, it'd be first to go... consider it gone. So I have five electrics and two acoustics. For those of you who pay attention and read long posts like this, you will note that I have just made my first of several excuses and given a guitar that I never ever use an excuse to stay on the island. Of the two acoustics, the reso can go. I bought it for slide, and it's fine for that. It's a Republic, and while it sounds good n reso-ey, it's poorly made, and despite being pretty to look at, it's just not fun to play. You can tell it was made by a nine year old Chinese girl when you look at it closely. She's probably a sweetheart, but she lacks the experience to be a good luthier. I allow myself to keep it because it's shiny and I like shiny things. The other acoustic is nice. I love it, it sounds excellent, and I will not part with it. It gets one of my two slots of keeper guitars. I like to think about which of the four electrics I'd sacrifice to get down to just one electric, since the acoustic gets one slot. The sentimental pocket watch doesn't count, so there's one. The Tele (baja) would go I guess. It's great fun to play, and it sounds nice, but its inexpensive construction is tough to ignore. But it's got a sparkle finish, and that's just too much fun, so I can tolerate the little space it takes in its petite gig bag. What's left is a Casino and an SG. The SG is all around a better guitar. So there we have it. One SG, one nice acoustic. Done. But the Casino is a great hanger guitar. I leave it on the wall, pick it up and play for 45 seconds, and put it back. No case, no strap, no worries. Just a quick 1-4-5 to get me through. Or plug it in for longer jams... those P90s sound ****! And I couldn't risk a finer guitar to be sitting exposed on the wall out of its case... so I can afford the little wall space to let the Casino stick around. So that's that. Six guitars and four excuses. But aren't you in Maine? Shouldn't you be burning guitars for survival in the cold dark winter?
  9. sg50


    I carry one of these: http://www.swissarmy.com/us/product/Swiss-Army-Knives/Category/Everyday-Use/Signature/54091 I've had many colors, but I tend to lose them. My current one is green. Sometimes it's even sharp. I'm not sure why anyone would call it a weapon, that seems like a gross overreaction. Also, the reason us 'murricans carry weapons is to keep the government from trampling on our civil rights. How are we doing?
  10. Technically, the locking nut is under pressure from the tension when you are not doing dive bombs, as dive bombs relieve string pressure. So the locking nut is taking the tension at all other times. I might even wager that the locking nut would relieve some pressure on the neck overall and especially the traditionally weaker area where the neck meets the headstock, but I'd have to research it to know for sure.
  11. Forget about bevels for a moment... they moved the strap pin to the back of the top horn! http://content.andertons.co.uk/2/1/images/catalog/i/xxld_94332-HSGS90HCCH1_back.jpg
  12. Does anyone know what constitutes improved GForce? What is improved? Can the improvements be back ported to existing GForce tuners?
  13. I, for one, don't think Gibson is capable of a consistent SG carve. I think we just haven't seen a large enough sample size and we'll find different carves in both the T and HP lines.
  14. Are folks cheering the return of the traditional line up, or that Gibson has kept the 2015 line and renamed it 2016 HP? I'd be in the former camp if I were in the market for a new guitar, but I'm not. Though I do think it's great that Gibson is producing capable instruments at a good price point. That's worth kudos. And they've done a bit more than that, haven't they? They've embellished the HP line just subtly. Better case, MoP inlay, finer woods, and more... though at the cost of a wider neck, a zero fret nut, and everyone's favorite tuners. I wonder if the premium materials will be enough to sell the "high performance" options. To me it smacks of stubborn leadership set on a particular idea, and that was painful in 2015, a little better in 2016, but I fear where that'll go in years to come. Interesting to me is the DIP switch bit and the way they're describing pickups. Subtly different. It is pretty reminiscent of Fender's new strat system with swappable memory cards. Fender's looks more user-friendly, but honestly, I don't want to have an operating system in my guitar. Maybe I'm alone in that sentiment. Gibson's approach makes more sense to me, as it's more mechanical and has a more tangible feel, though I do think it'll appeal more to someone who isn't afraid of selecting one of 150 DIP switch options. It's a curious choice though, and one, to me, that is a clear indicator that Gibson is committed to turning their guitars into digital devices. I'll hold off for the touchscreen interface and bluetooth LE.
  15. I move mine frequently. I didn't used to, but I wish I had. Volume = distortion. Tone = is to either fatten up the sound or cut through the mix. Pickups: kinda the same as tone... but also more of a moan / scream switch. Tone down on the neck pick up... oh so moany. I can understand that there are plenty of reasons to never move your knobs. You might just have one tone, maybe you're the lead player who does one thing, or you're the big chord guy. Side note: you almost certainly use a flat pick if you fall into these categories. Maybe you just really like one thing. I admire purpose-built rigs where you don't need a ton of options... just the guitar and the right amp. It's simple, clean, and tasty. But then there's the pedal guy who never moves knobs in favor of letting pedals do the work. I get that... you can just stomp a box and go from sparkle to dirt and the volume doesn't change. I respect it, but if you're in this category, take it as a personal growth challenge to unplug the tube screamer and use just one channel on the amp. See what you can do with it, and I promise it'll change the way you think about distortion pedals. This almost always requires turning your amp up loud, which isn't always realistic, but it's worth doing. Your amp is probably the most important component in your signal chain, see what it can do! I'd also recommend that every player put away their picks for six months or so but that's another thread.
  16. I will grant you that it's possible that the neck moved during shipping, and that caused a poor set up and the illusion that the nut was cut incorrectly. But the point of the PLEK system is to ensure the nut and frets are done right, and it absolutely is on Gibson to ship instruments that are properly set up. And how you imagine QC could do their job on an instrument that isn't set up? Do you think there's some QC dude at the end of the production line who says, "This'd probably be a great guitar if it were playable"? That doesn't seems sensible.
  17. This is the most important part: THE INSTRUMENT IS PART OF AN EXCLUSIVE ARRANGEMENT WITH NEIMAN MARCUS, WHICH WILL INCLUDE THE BGSG IN ITS WINTER HOLIDAY CATALOG. Finally, I can buy a Gibson SG, fine foot wear, and a down comforter in one place.
  18. I'm not sure I follow. Were you dissatisfied with the response? I think your signature is great, by the way.
  19. The way it works is that a stolen item is still stolen no matter how many times it has been sold since the theft. So if you buy a $5k Les Paul from a buddy who originally got it at Guitar Center who originally bought it from some guy who stole it from its rightful owner and the owners identifies the guitar, you have to give it up for free. You are out $5k. The original owner doesn't get screwed out of their goods just because the thief sold the merchandise.
  20. My signature is composed of text called "filler text" or "dummy text" and it's commonly used by print designers to fill space. They use filler text instead of actual text because with actual text, clients often become preoccupied with proofreading instead of evaluating the design. It doesn't mean anything, it isn't Latin though it looks like it. As Farnsbarns points out, it could be interpreted to make a statement about enormous signatures that serve no other purpose but to take up vast amount of space. There's that guy with the big photo of him playing guitar in a driveway, there's that other guy who is using his signature to record the makes and models of dozens of guitars — perhaps to lure a waiting burglar, who can say? And there's that guy who lists each string individually so that the keenly observant might discover that his D string is 1/100" thicker than a normal set. Are these tidbits important? I suppose they must be. I wonder how many megabytes are consumed each day by the sending of that same slab of text over and over again. Or how much closer is Rabs to carpal tunnel syndrome by flicking past lines of text that he has no interest in reading. Or how much enriched the lives of others are by seeing all that stuff repeated with each new post. Me? I suppose I'm using it because I'd rather that my readers spend their time reviewing the content of my posts and not get bogged down by the signature.
  21. I'd want my stolen items back too. Although the spouse of the owner is the thief, and that's something of a hitch, but I still understand why one would want their stolen items returned.
  22. +1 Climate science is why it's hot in Orange County today.
  23. I didn't know that Ozzy got a new guitar player. Is he any good?
  24. It doesn't take long to find threads where forum members are building their own "Fenders" and putting Fender badges on them. At least this company isn't trying to pass their instruments off as someone else's. So what's the problem? That they look like Les Pauls? Everyone and their mother makes a guitar that looks kinda like a Paul. I don't see the big deal.
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