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  1. Hey Marshall, finally figured out how to post a photo of my Gold Top for my profile picture. Check it out below. Don't have a clue why it doesn't show on the forum posts though.

  2. Lovely guitar GA, odd pups. How about a report on them please when your ready? And the push/push selection as well. Interested to hear.
  3. Ok Steve, you've got us all in suspense, so....what happened?
  4. Interesting little insight from the man himself...
  5. One of the original "Three Kings". RIP mate.
  6. I re-puped one of my strats once using a hot overwound TexMex in the bridge, and the mid and neck was N3 Noiseless, and I had to do the same thing. Had to use those green rubber tubes to stiffen it up a bit. Must be something about them....
  7. One of my main 'go to' gits is an ebony custom which I bought off a collector in Texas. A bloke who in fact has never played a guitar in his life and has no desire to do so as he told me. (wtf?...lol). Nice enough guy, just couldn't figure him out.
  8. What else could it be Tom? Ok, a worker on a late Friday afternoon has a slip up and something gets through. But it's QC's job after that part of the process (and periodically through the process) to make sure it doesn't get past end manufacturing and through to distributing. But I'm begining to think that maybe QC isn't the problem. Maybe the manufacturers have let their tolerances out so far that the problem is right there instead. QC knows this, checks evrything is still within these (sloppy) tolerances, and lets them through to the distributer. The new owner recieves it, sees, feels, and h
  9. prefer the dobermans come in and throw a padlock on? maybe hand out red cards? lol
  10. Great to see, good on her. Charles and one of his lads were at Gallipoli this morning. Sitting here sipping my tea. Queen and Country.
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