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    Witness Protection Programme (but not in Sydney, or Paynham Road, or at no. 42B, ...upstairs)
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    '70's style classic rock.

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  1. Hey Marshall, finally figured out how to post a photo of my Gold Top for my profile picture. Check it out below. Don't have a clue why it doesn't show on the forum posts though.

  2. Hey Riff, what colour she going to be mate?Love V's.
  3. Carnival...Let The Children Play ~ Santana
  4. Something the kiddies with their 'new music' wouldn't understand. Disraeli Gears and some Deep Purple.
  5. Dirty fingers pups have the name printed on the front of them. I think Searcy's right, they look like Di's.
  6. G'day Chevy. No worries mate. There's a site that we all use here called photobucket. What happens is you upload to this site first, and then download from there to here. I'm not very good at it myself but there's a lot of people here who can help further with it, especially Pippy. Just ask in the site about it.


  7. Sorry mate, I've never even played a Carvin before so I wouldn't be able to advise you there I'm afraid. The majority of my guitars are LP's and Strats, Ovation acoustics, 1275 double necks, Flying V's, and a BMG.

    If you've got yourself a mild case of GAS, I'd recommend probably another Strat. Been looking at a Classic Series '50 myself. Might be pulling th...

  8. Hello Marshall, I have been looking at Carvin guitars for awhile. I was just wondering if you have ever played them before and if so what your thoughts were about them compared to a Gibson. I love my LP S but would like to add one more. Either a Carvin or a Strat. I practice mostly on my Fender accoustic which never goes out of tune. Thoughts?

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