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  1. Hi. Definitely not the True Historic, I know that is a LOT more expensive :) Here are links to the pages on Gibsons site... the prices in store over here in the UK are the other way around though... the CS8 is cheaper?! CS8 Standard Historic
  2. Hi all I'm looking at 58 Historic Les Paul reissues and am a little confused regarding some models and wonder if someone could help me? The two I am looking at are: CS8 '50s Style Les Paul Standard VOS and Standard Historic 1958 Les Paul Standard VOS Both seem to be current production models, both have very similar if not identical spec, however, the CS8 is a bit lower in price in stores and has a flame top, yet the Standard Historic is often labelled as having a plaintop (even though it also has a flame top??) and its more expensive. Basically I'm wondering if there is a
  3. Thanks for pointing this out Rambler! My original question was regarding acoustic songs, and you are right, a lot of people are really just listing any old song they like to play on their acoustic whether or not it was originally played/recorded on acoustic, or electric, or violins, or whatever I guess people can just choose whatever they like to play and thats fine but specific acoustic songs was what I was aiming for in the original question - mainly because I wanted to broaden my knowledge a bit and listen to some cool acoustic stuff that I hadnt heard or played before. Tha
  4. And I've just remembered this classic... so cool, couldnt be simpler but its an absolute joy to play and sing!
  5. Cheers dude Some really interesting choices, thanks to everyone for sharing Here's another that I love playing, quite tricky though, a staple for all the Smiths fans out there! (theres no live vid so I've just posted the track) beautifuly played by the genius, Johnny Marr http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIMkHnT2BB4
  6. Yeah, its just my experience really, that the cheaper instruments I've owned have all had intonation problems. I've had Yamaha F series, some Epi's and a Simon&Patrik in the past and they all had a few issues, mainly on the wound strings being too sharp from about the 8th fret. Action had a lot to do with it as I found cheaper guitars are more difficult to setup without getting buzz or choking - so they tend to have a higher action. The one exception to this was a Taylor 110 I had about 5yrs ago, which had perfect intonation, but I guess thats a mid-priced instrument. Lovely guitar but it
  7. Interesting that most of you are chiming in with Country songs... having grown up in Old England you'll excuse me for not having a good grounding in Country, my Mrs is half Irish and Country is way more popular over there, shes into bands like Union Station so I have a little bit of knowledge. I am always in awe of the musicianship and song crafting but I just cant connect with it I guess it has to get into your blood when you're young. So here are my three that I always love to come back to... Paranoid Android - Radiohead Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd Seasick Yet Still
  8. ...They dont have to be the most difficult, or the most flashy, not nessecarily the ones to impress your mate's and your other half, they could be popular or obscure, simple strummers or tricky fingerpickers... just the ones that YOU LOVE to play on your own that just get you in that special way! So just THREE acoustic songs, your absolute favorites, what would they be?...
  9. Not a man famous for playing acoustic obviously but if any of you have the Hendrix 'Blues' album, this is the video of the actual session of the acoustic version of 'Here My Train A Comin'! And look how effortlessly he glides all over that massive 12 string neck! I've no idea what guitar that is but I bet that nut is at least 2" wide. The string tension is lower because he's in C standard but still theres some serious strength in those arms, amazing! I guess if you've got the technique then any neck should be a breaze.... I certainly dont! BTW, I love the way he fluffs it up at the s
  10. Yes, this is so true, especially on cheaper instruments though. My SJ's intonation was spot on with 12s, with the 12.5s it is still just about there but Id shaved a bit off the saddle anyway as the guitar was originally set up for 11s. Would a compensated saddle help at all if one was going up to 13s? Mine just has a straight saddle but I've seen J50's with comp saddles, and some J45s with and without actually
  11. Hmm, I find I can adapt pretty well to different neck depths, shapes and widths, I like Gibson neck widths, and also Martins wider V necks like on the OMs. The main thing I notice, and this is the main reason I prefer Gibson necks to anything else, is the room either side of the E strings. I have never been able to get on with Fender necks because of this, I always feel like the strings are about to fall off the fingerboard! ...but on Gibsons I dont get that feeling, its very comfortable and theres always room to bend and slide up and down without dropping of the side of the fingerboard. I
  12. Yes I have! I recently got a new Aaron Lewis Southern Jumbo - amazing guitar, wonderful tone, looks, neck, etc. It came from the factory with 11s, these were too light (I assume Gibson fits them because thats what AL uses?), so I changed them to 12s. The 12s sounded fantastic, much better, deeper and more responsive as youd expect. Wanted to try a few different brands on the new guitar to see what works best so once I'd wore those out I thought I'd try 13s. These were a step to far for me, action tightened up a bit too much and I started to notice a drop in sustain on some fretted notes on
  13. The site went down yesterday just as I was posting a reply, and it duplicated it 4 times! I have edited them so three of them dont contain the full text but how can I delete them from the topic? Cheers
  14. Hey folks, good news!... After a chat with Jeremy Morton at Gibson (Montana), he is happy to send me a set of new un-aged tuners to replace the ones on my SJ. I dont have to send the guitar to Holland (or Montana!), I can just swap the tuners over & send the old ones back to him... So I get to keep my guitar here! :) Im sure I can put up with it for a bit longer til they arrive. Full marks to Jeremy for sorting this... top bloke! Nice to see the big companies do care about addressing issues. My faith is restored! ;)
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