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  1. A little background information: I play for my church and my setup starts with a prs ce, through a way huge pork loin, a hardwire overdrive, then a boss gt-10 and then finally a vox 15 night train. for awhile ive been trying to get that ambient/airy tone with lots of reverb and delays and a slight overdrive on top. ive been doing some research lately and found the timefactor space. its perfect! ....'cept it costs 500 bucks. any suggestions on how to obtain that ambient tone without making it sound like a digital piece of crap *cough like through the gt-10*
  2. Ive been looking around for a new guitar with a $500-$1000 price range. preferably not a "typical" guitar you see everyday like a les paul or strat. any ideas?
  3. I have a Epiphone les paul standard i bought last year. I was wondering if i could put a bigsby trem on it. And which one would work the best if so?
  4. I found out recently that I am allergic to Nickel. My Hands peel contantly. My Doctor told me it was because of my guitar strings ( they have nickel on them). Is there a type of string that is nickel free that does not sound like crap?
  5. I went over to Epiphone.com today to see if their were any more updates on the Slash series. and boy was I suprised to find a Slash Goldtop. I dont know if this is true but it looks kinda sparkily if thats a word.
  6. now i'm starting to think i got ripped off.
  7. This just made me realize how young i am. (24 years old)
  8. but still do you really think it should be sold for $25.
  9. If i didt install it correctly the man those instructions stink.
  10. I recently bought a wall hangar and paid about 25 bucks for it. It lasted for about 2 weeks after i put a cheap acoustic on it. it fell out of the wall and smashed the acoustics headstock. If your guitar means a lot to you i recomend getting one that supports yours on the ground not a cheap wall hangar.
  11. sunshine of your love. never gets old.
  12. Hello Hippedave welcome.
  13. I recently bought a epiphone case for my lp standard and fitted a custom amp into it. it looks about the same as that one. if ups ships like that man i'm buying eveything from them!
  14. The 1979 is my second V. My first was my dad's dad. When he passed away he have it to me. It's a 1967 Flying V. If you don't like it i dont want to hear about it. i took the picture about 7 years ago so it looks old.
  15. Saul Hudson-Slash Les Paul Eric Clapton Buddy Guy Jimi Hendrix Jimmy Page Elton John B.B. King Stevie Ray Vaughn Chuck Berry
  16. Hey, I got from a friend for $120.
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