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  1. The only scumbag bikers I know of are the ones riding side by side coming toward you and the outside one is in half of your lane. Complete assholes they are....and I used to ride as well. Was actually going to get one not so long ago again....then I saw a woman I used to date in a store one day. I hardly recognized her....Her speech was slow and she had scars all over her arms. She married a fellow who rode bikes....they were out one Sunday riding and a kid pulled out in front of them and cut them off. Practically ran over them and he got killed. She almost lost an arm and was in coma for a month. It did some damage to her spine and also her brain. She was so slow to speak. I was so shocked and my heart went out to her. She was still pretty but Nothing like previously. After that I no longer really want one. I still like them though. Be careful out there guys who do ride!!
  2. It is funny. At first she only thought they looked pretty. Now she has an interest in shopping for them with me. She enjoys it!! A better question would be, does your wife like your guitar playing?? You may be surprised at the answers!!!
  3. Yes on 4 string exact same as guitar. However the 5 and 6 string basses are not.
  4. I have always had one laying around. The past few years I have only used a Music Man USA Sterling 4H. 2003 Musicman Sterling USA 4H https://imgur.com/gallery/MQDaegj 2003 Musicman Sterling USA 4H https://imgur.com/gallery/MQDaegj I found a good deal on a Fender Japan Foto flame 62 Precision Reissue recently and bought it. It has some kind of film laminate on by Fuji that looks like flammed maple. It is a very nice bass. 1994 Fender Japan Fotoflame 62 Precision Reissue https://imgur.com/gallery/9V7cd7b Fotoflame neck https://imgur.com/gallery/Y1gQjkN Then I bought an American Jazz Deluxe. Always wanted a jazz bass. This one is a hot rod. American Deluxe Jazz Bass https://imgur.com/gallery/xKpUXNw Maybe I am going haywire with it maybe but am digging playing bass for a change. It is fun.
  5. I like sweetwater too. But I believe musicians friend has up their game as well. I have ordered 3 from sweetwater and my last purchase was musicians friend. However I have ordered from music go round, reverb and eBay. I have not had a bad experience yet. I sell on eBay too and have shipped guitars to France and Australia along with plenty of states here in the USA.
  6. bigtim


    With a lunar landscape and a rocket ship flying by
  7. 2000 still isn't cheap to me. But I like that guitar!!
  8. Well thanks for all of your replies. I went ahead and purchased a set of ebony pins. This is for my little Taylor 214. At least it will look prettier if it doesn't help the tone anyway!! On another note I made a new to me purchase of a Larrivee OM-03 guitar. Was in a local music shop used. Have heard of the name brand but never saw one in person. I fell in love with it. This is the mohagany version. Well made, plays awesome and sounds nice. I cannot put it down. It plays so nice. It has a wide neck for an acoustic. But is still(to me) very easy to play. It isn't as bright as the little Taylor i have though. But that is fine with me. It happens to have some kind of bone bridge pins.
  9. He does have quite a few choices. I may go with ebony or tusq though
  10. Well been thinking of replacing the plastic pins on my little Taylor. Thought about ebony ones, then read about bone was good ....now I discovered tusq makes them too. I am gonna buy something though
  11. I do not know what i am doing. I know what chord I am playing and maybe what key I am in. I am about 98% self taught. I have purchased some very interesting books and a few videos over the past several decades. I hit the YouTube channel when I want to learn a specific song sometimes but I rarely do that anymore. I am a meat and potatoes player I guess you could say. I stick with what the whole of the song aspect is that I am trying to play instead of trying to figure out why the song went that way with a 9th chord instead of a 7th. That is the kind of stuff that is over my head. However when I want to try and get inspired when I create or write a new song I always listen to other types of music that I normally do not play. I know it is weird but it works for me. I write ambient Pink Floyd kind of stuff somewhat. I really like Enya. Some of her arrangements are totally kind blowing especially when you listen to her with headphones on. As far as practice goes, I have a little routine but I try harder and harder licks and riffs. I try to play them as smooth as I possibly can without hiccup. I try to have fun doing it and always approach it with an open mind. Then other times I just grab an acoustic and play the chords to Fire on the Mountain by Molly Hatchet. It isn't that complicated and keeps the practice routine nice and easy.
  12. Post a pic of them. That would help.
  13. I had a blues hawk. I liked the feel of the neck. You should enjoy yours as well. Enjoy!!
  14. I believe I have one of those jb 59 tele bridges myself and it reads about the same ohm resistance. But mine was only 30 bucks off of Craigslist 🙄
  15. Yes big pain in the *** it is for sure!
  16. I think the color is Surf Green where as the vintage green was Sea Foam. I am digging it very much. I am also surprised at how nice it feels while sitting down. It is really comfortable to play.
  17. I thought I was going to mod it a little after I got it however compared to my hot rodded tele it really holds it's own. I am stupid for not getting one sooner.
  18. Man it sure is nice and smooth. I am hoping that the neck will get acclimated to the humidity and swell a little to resolve the fret issue. How long have you had yours??
  19. My first USA Telecaster. I went for the all rosewood neck. It was a crap shoot as I knew there have been issues with the fret ends sticking out. Well that would have not been so bad had there not have been 4 silica gel packs in the case. However, I must say once it is broken in well, it is going to be very very nice. It is nice and resonate. The neck is so smooth and it really has a very resonate body and neck combo. Nothing like I have ever had before. The pick ups sound very good too. It plays so nice and smooth. The feel of the neck is really outstanding. If anyone pulls the trigger on the all rosewood neck model, be prepared to get out the sand paper and files for some touch up.
  20. You seem to have an early 70's guitar. Perhaps repainted as well. I am not sure. You could take off the rear pick up cavity and take a look inside. If the elcetronics are original you might be able to pull a number off of the volume pot and do a search that way. It would at least get you in the neighborhood of when it was produced. Also the bridge is the harmonica style that was very popular in the early to mid 1970s. The fact that it had square inlays on the neck without neck binding is another give away of time period as well. It may have been painted black too to cover up a neck repair. For some reason it just does not look factory but I may be wrong. I am sure others will chime in.
  21. Curious to see what pops up. I wonder if the Hendrix Strat will be one of the items.
  22. Any way you could post a few pics? You could also take and sell it. People make project repairs all of the time. I am sure it would sell pretty easily.
  23. bigtim


    Well I must admit I got my first MIM Fender the other day. It is a 2009 72 reissue tele. Someone took and updated everything in it. So it has a bone nut, Duncan hot rails and Duncan JB Jazz neck pick up, push pull alpha pots, Joe Barden Tele bridge with the graph tech compensated saddles, locking tuners and they also copper shielded the control cavity. I was a big idiot for never looking at these MIM before. The only thing I am not 100 percent on is the 7.25 fretboard radius but I am getting used to it. I cannot believe how good it feels while sitting down playing it.
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